‘O Cravo ea Rosa’: remember the main story and remember if Petruchio and Catarina got together

A soap opera “O Cravo ea Rosa” will be shown for the fourth time by Globo in around 21 years from the next 6th. The plot by Walcyr Carrasco – author of “Verdades Secretas 2″, a serial marked by the sudden departure of Camila Queiroz – will open a new rerun schedule in the afternoon, after the ” Jornal Hoje” and before the “Sessão da Tarde”. This new track must include only the soap operas originally aired at six and seven at night; “Vale a Pena Ver de Novo” is responsible for the nine o’clock serials.

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First aired between June 2000 and the following March, with 221 chapters, “O Cravo ea Rosa” is inspired by “A Megera Domada” (William Shakespeare) and takes place in São Paulo in the 1920s. a few points from the soap opera “O Machão” (1974/1975, by Ivani Ribeiro) and stars Eduardo Moscovis – who will be seen in the final stretch of “Um Lugar ao Sol” – and Adriana Esteves, as the couple Petruchio and Catarina.

Luís Melo, Leandra Leal, Ney Latorraca, Eva Todor – dead for almost four years -, Taumaturgo Ferreira, Drica Moraes, Carlos Vereza and Murilo Rosa are also in the telenovela that addressed the female struggle for the right to vote. The two reruns of the series took place between January and August 2003, and between August 2013 and the following January. In addition, Viva broadcast the plot from March to December 2019.

But do you remember the story of “The Carnation and the Rose”? And what were the main endings? Cataria and Petruchio were together after so many fights? Remember with the Purepeople!

Novel ‘O Cravo ea Rosa’: Did Catarina and Petruchio stay together?

The main focus of the serials is on the romance between the brucutu hillbilly Petruchio and the temperamental Catarina, who dismisses all her suitors because of her behavior, refusing to marry. Over the more than 200 chapters, one falls in love with the other after Dinorá (Maria Padilha) plays Cupid. It turns out that the couple doesn’t want to do it.

After a long time and scheming by Lindinha (Vanessa Gerbelli) and Muriel/Marcela (Drica Moraes), Catarina and Petruchio finally fall in love with each other and get pregnant with twins. At the same time, the brucutu who dismissed Muriel/Marcela in the past sees the young woman returning to Brazil and becoming interested in Batista (Luís Mello), father of Catarina and Bianca (Leandra Leal), just to harm him.

Novel ‘O Cravo ea Rosa’: who stole the policies?

Also throughout the plot, Batista says that he will hand over to his eldest daughter the policies of his bank, which would make Catarina a millionaire. However, on the day of Batista’s wedding to Marcela, the roles disappear. Before reaching the culprit, the public will see Batista exchanging Marcela for Joana (Tássia Camargo), his lover.

Meanwhile, Marcela is accused by Petruchio of stealing the policies. But the thief turned out to be someone else: Mimosa (Suely Franco), Batista’s maid. She took this attitude when she saw Marcela/Muriel fiddling with some papers. But Mimosa placed such papers in a photo album, which ended up with Buscapé (Luís Antonio Nascimento). Finally, Batista pays off his son-in-law’s debt and ends the blackmail of Marcela/Muriel.

What were the endings of the soap opera ‘O Cravo ea Rosa’?

In addition to Catarina-Petruchio, other couples stay together. This is the case of Bianca-Edmundo (Ângelo Antônio), Batista-Joana, and Januário (Taumaturgo Ferreira)-Lindinha, who pays for their crimes. It is worth remembering that Bianca gets involved with the fake Heitor (Rodrigo Faro) when she believes that he is the one who writes poems written for her by Edmundo.

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