Nyt article on Meloni, the author misleads the Corriere: “Long stability guaranteed by Draghi? Never said, they haven’t read my piece “

The controversy does not subside after the editorial published by New York Times in which the author traces the rise of Brothers of Italy indicating it as the training that will guide a future right-wing government in Italy, starting a trend that will be replicated in other European countries. But it is not only the answers that come from the party that are talking about Giorgia Meloniwhich were not at all lacking, but also the intervention of the author of the text, the British David Broderwhich disputes with the Corriere della Seraguilty of having attributed to him statements that, in reality, are not contained in the text of his editorial.

In particular, Broder refers to the part of the article in via Solferino that attributes the formula to him “Long stability” in reference to the executive headed by the former president of the European Central Bank. “Il Corriere quotes me saying that Draghi has brought ‘long stability’ – wrote Broder on Twitter – But I didn’t say anything like that, so I guess the author hasn’t actually read my article“. In fact, the editorial never refers to a “long stability” guaranteed by the Draghi executive who is barely cited as a guide to a “Coalition of technocrats”. If anything, it is precisely from Broder’s pen that Italy is described as a “heavily indebted, socially polarized and politically unstable country”.

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