NURSES | Sol Angie thinks she’s pregnant again

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Sol Angie went to the hospital with her two babies to have them evaluated and tested on one of them who has had a fever for a week; She sat down to talk to her colleague and told him that she was feeling very stressed; That’s when María Clara arrived and told her that she felt alone and that being a mother was becoming quite difficult for her.

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But that’s not all, she confessed that she feels some fear because she suspects that she may be pregnant again, so María Clara took her once for an evaluation.

On the other hand, María Clara is concerned about the situation at the hospital, she spoke with Carlos and asked him to meet to discuss the issue and help her with some action to improve what the hospital is going through, regarding the lack of personnel.

And on another topic, Danilo, Sol Angie’s husband went to the hospital and she told him that she had done a pregnancy test and he was speechless.

Do not miss this and everything that happened in this chapter that was very good, here you can see it in full:

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