NURSES | Sol Angie receives good news, one of her babies will be operated on

Marilyn eyebrows

Sol Angie is going through a difficult situation with the health of one of her children, however; He was relieved to hear that the surgeon was recruited to intervene and thus improve his health.

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The doctor met with Sol Angie and Danilo, and decided to intervene immediately to improve his kidney condition; She informed them that the recovery will take a while, which keeps her a bit worried since Danilo is very focused on his work and leaves the work of his mellos to her alone.

Situation at the Santa Rosa Hospital

María Clara is concerned about the economic situation at the hospital and is mobilizing all the necessary resources to improve it; For this reason, he made an appointment with the secretary of health, in order to meet and discuss his proposals to receive timely help.

Carlos and Maria Clara

Due to the situation at the hospital and the last minute meeting with María Clara, she had to postpone the romantic evening she had with Carlos; He called him and sadly told him that it would have to be for later.

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