NURSES | Reynaldo thinks that Carlos and Álvaro are a couple

Lau Chan

In this chapter of Nurses: Julio and Reynaldo face cases of emergencies totally alone demonstrating their ability as internal doctors. For their part, Nicolás and Manuela feel a bit tense because they are realizing that they like each other.

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Julio manages to revive a pregnant patient, all the emergency personnel congratulate him on his dedication and professionalism, the baby also manages to survive the accident, while Lina flirts with a singer who is as a patient but the nurses have already noticed and they came down from the cloud.

Sol tells María Clara that her son is very well and that makes her feel very happy and now that she is reconciled with Danilo, who prepared a surprise for her to believe in love again.

Carlos goes through a painful accident, he tried a drug that gave him an “uncomfortable” reaction, his penis remains erect and he doesn’t know how to lower it, María Clara laughs but tells him that everything will be fine.

Álvaro takes him aside and tries to help him but insists that they should call an outpatient clinic, but Carlos doesn’t want to hear from anyone else because he is very sorry to be seen like this.

Nicolás’s mother finds out that Laura had an affair with her husband, she goes to the hospital to ask him for explanations and to tell him that she is disappointed that her own son did not tell her the truth.

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