NURSES | Peralta wants to take advantage of Sandra

Lau Chan

In this chapter of Nurses: Peralta He tells his colleague that he wants to take advantage of the situation to bribe Sandra and take her to bed.

They will even make Reynaldo become an ally to turn the tables and the collaborators leave the annoying strike.

They begin to fire several people at the Santa Rosa and Alex tries to calm his companions down.

Sol is very sad, since Danilo signed the agreement and took the children.

Peralta threatens Reynaldo and tells him to take better care of his position and Sandra, and tells him that he has a matter to discuss with him in private.

They begin to operate on patients without having blood units, everything begins to fall apart. So Juan Pablo had to run to look for the blood units and thus save the patient.

Reynaldo accepts the deal as long as they guarantee that they won’t touch Sandra, unfortunately, they won’t keep it.

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