NURSES | Nicolás rejects Manuela and refuses to talk to her

Marilyn Eyebrows

After Nicolás saw that Diego, Manuela’s ex, gave him a kiss; He no longer wants to listen to her explanations and continues to reject her.

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In the meeting they had with María Clara, he had drinks, there he was talking with Gloria and told her that he did not understand why everything was going wrong for him, she encouraged him with her words and Manuela came in and asked her to talk but he told her that she had better go with Diego.

Glory and Nicholas

Gloria offered to take Nicolás home because he was very drunk and it turns out that both were together; the next day Gloria approached him but he told her that he did not remember anything or how he got to his bed.

Just what Manuela feared happened, both were together; according to what she herself told him.

Lina’s ex shows up

A patient with severe pain arrived at the Santa Rosa hospital, the same, surprised Lina; As soon as she saw him, she told Gloria that she knew the patient and that she would take care of it; it turns out that it seems that it is his ex and that he uses illicit substances.

Knowing the risk that this has for his career, she registered him with a false identity card with which he arrived at the hospital, but Gloria already suspects that something is not right.

Do not miss this entire chapter that was very good, here you can see it in full:

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