NURSES | Alex is offered to be a mediator

Lau Chan

In this chapter of nurses: Alex refuses to accept any treatment from the leaders of the Hospital however, he manages to hear that they sold the laboratory.

The director of the current Santa Rosa Hospital tells her that he needs her help and offers her a new salary, all as long as she is a communication bridge between the employees and them.

Juan Pablo is fired and he still doesn’t know what he’s going to do. Claudia writes to him to find out how she is but he keeps insisting that she help Alex to make sure everything is okay but she wanted something more from him.

Alex tells Johana that the inspector offered her to be the representative between the hospital and her colleagues, he also confessed that he accepted the deal and set conditions, such as choosing the people with whom he wants to work closely, maybe Juan Pablo will come back.

What worries Alex is the extra money he was offered for this new position.

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