Núria Madruga shows her ‘little belly’ as a pregnant woman and explains her absence from the hammocks: “No, she hasn’t been born yet…”

Núria Madruga is pregnant for the third time, with her fourth child. The actress and her husband, Vasco Silva, announced the good news on the 22nd of June, and since then, on social networks, photos of the ‘tummy’ have been shared, but also outbursts about this new phase of their lives.

Since, in recent days, she has been absent from social networks, the actress decided to give an explanation to those who follow her, on the night of this Monday, November 21st.

In the Stories of her Instagram account, Núria Madruga shared a new photo of her ‘little belly’ and realized that the boy was not yet born and that his removal was due to a “major sinusitis crisis”: “Hello. Responding to some messages I received. No, not yet born. Here is the mother who, after the flu, had a major sinusitis crisis”he explained.

It should be remembered that Núria Madruga and Vasco Silva are the parents of twins Sebastião and Salvador, aged 11, and Lourenço, aged 4.

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