Nuclear extension: Dégaze denounces “a gigantic gift” to Engie-Electrabel and a “slap in the face”

“The astronomical energy bills of some are the enormous superprofits of others, we have already seen too much during the past year”, protests the spokesman of Dégaze, Léo Tubbax. “In 2023, Engie will continue relentlessly on this path. Engie is selling its nuclear energy for next year at a staggering price, ten times the cost of production. »

“The government is opting for both old nuclear reactors and new fossil gas power plants. Result: a hole in the coffers of the State, unpayable energy prices for another ten years, and usurious profits which disappear in the pockets of the shareholders of Engie and Cº. »

“In the midst of the current energy and climate crisis, this policy is a slap in the face not only for all of us who are already paying a high price for it, but also for each and every one of us who dares dream and commit to a 100% renewable energy system, socially just and managed as a common good,” concludes Dégaze.

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