NRJ Music Awards: Louane in love with her darling, Florian Rossi

However, even if the young singer – known following her participation in The Voice in 2013 – appeared radiant on the red carpet of NRJ Music Awards, she regularly receives criticism on the Web about her physique. During a recent interview with our colleagues from Parisian, Wednesday November 17, Louane returned to the many grossophobic attacks of which she is the target.

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“I was expecting such reactions because, for years, people have been commenting all my life. From the moment you are in the light, you are going to take it in the face, it’s like that”, lamented Esme’s mother, before adding: “The saddest thing is those who waste time commenting on someone else’s body on social media. Because me, my life is going very well.“Critics which, fortunately, no longer reach him today thanks to the invaluable help of his relatives.”I am surrounded by an ultra-caring team, I have a great family. So yes, I don’t have the same body as three years ago but strangely I feel much better today“she concluded.

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