Now Morten Kjeldgaard’s mother finally dares to watch ‘Wild with dance’: ‘She is very superstitious’

True to tradition, Morten Kjeldgaard’s mother Inge-Lise has also this year stayed far away from the ‘Wild with dance’ studio.

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She is afraid that she will influence the vote, and therefore she does not even dare to watch the decisions on TV when she follows at home from the living room in North Jutland.

But now Morten Kjeldgaard and Pernille Blume are ready for this year’s Wild with dance ‘finale, and then it’s time again for a visit from North Jutland.

“She is very superstitious,” says Morten Kjeldgaard with a smile.

‘The last time she sat as an audience member in the studio was in 2013, and there I smoked out. She’s sure it’s her fault.

However, Morten Kjeldgaard’s mother dares to be present when her son is in the final, and he is looking forward to receiving a visit.

“We bring all the important people with us. It’s cool, ‘says Pernille Blume, who is visited by her fiancé, the Frenchman Florent Manaudou, who lives in France on a daily basis.

Morten Kjeldgaard and Pernille Blume say that it is huge to have reached all the way to this year’s Wild with dance ‘final.

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“I felt pretty hopeless when we started,” says Pernille Blume, who thinks things started to fall into place around program four as they danced rumba.

“There it started to stick together. But then there were some dances afterwards, where it still did not hang the same, “she laughs.

But now the Danish swimming star is ready for this year’s Wild with dance ‘final after a semi-final, where she scored 99 out of 100 possible points, and thus enters the final with the best starting point.

In the final, she competes against Lise Rønne and Jimilian.

‘Relive Friday’s semi-final in BT’s LIVE blog below:

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