November horoscope: What is the favorite coffee of each sign?

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For Aries the ideal drink is the raspberry and currant Frapuccino with green tea. It is a bold flavor that denotes that you like to attract attention. Although you also have that sweet part that shows the passion you put into everything that surrounds you.

Macchiato is the favorite coffee of Taurus. She identifies him because she is sensitive, peaceful and shy. Your personality is reflected in your preference for smooth and very strong flavors.

Gemini, the Caramel Macchiato is ideal for you. It has complexity, versatility, elegance and creativity. Don’t settle for anything.

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November horoscope.

Your drink is Mint Blend tea, Cancer. A refreshing flavor of mint and spearmint with a hint of tarragon that defines you perfectly: plain and simple, but special.

Irish Coffee is the one that looks like you, Leo. You are witty and daring. A simple coffee with milk is not enough for you; by adding a little whiskey you get the perfect flavor.

Accuracy, patience, observe meticulousness, that’s right Virgo. It is for this reason that Quitafrío coffee is ideal for them. It helps them keep a cool head.

Pound, your drink is the Double Espresso with milk. You adore coffees decorated with foam, which reveals that you are very flirtatious and creative. Also, you like things in your life to stay in balance, like coffee and milk.

Double espresso is for you scorpio. Hardworking, risky and active. You don’t like to miss opportunities and you are always ready for anything. That’s why you know that one shot is not enough.

Positivity, optimism and demand that’s how it is Sagittarius. For that reason the Americano is his favorite. Everything in the right measure of him.

Your drink is Cold Brew, Capricorn. You are very practical and you exude security from every pore of your skin. This slow brewed cold brew is effective, just what you need every day.

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November horoscope.

Aquarium, Cappuccino is for you. You are of sweet flavors and not so intense. That’s why this drink is perfect for you to enjoy and cheer you up.

Patience, affection and sympathy. The Caribbean is for you Piscesit will get you a good smile and dance.

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