November horoscope: What is the favorite cake of each sign?

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A Aries He likes strong and filling foods, so speaking of cakes or sweets, he likes dark chocolate, ice cream. If you want to tempt him, do not make him any creams, creams or cakes that are too sweet. His favorite is the Dark Chocolate Brownie with Raspberry Coulis.

Taurus people will not say no to any of the special cakes that come their way. Sweets, ice cream, cookies… Nothing fails! However, if you want to surprise a Taurus and make them cry with happiness, prepare a homemade and traditional cake for them. A sponge cake or lemon tart.

With a difficult personality but always optimistic about life, that’s right. Gemini. A cake decorated in the colors of the rainbow is perfect for this sign that is so cheerful.

A Cancer She prefers simple and classic cakes, without too much saturated fat and, if possible, just like the one her mother and grandmother used to make. If you tempt him with a traditional Apple Pie or a hot Tarta Tatin, with a drizzle of liquid cream… He dies!

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November horoscope.

Leo is a zodiac sign that prefers elegant dinners and more sober flavors. Very sweet cakes are not exactly her favorites. That is why the almond tart with maple syrup will make you smile.

Pay attention here because Virgo people are very perfectionists, so the cake has to look good, a good decoration like the elegance with which a red velvet looks will be wonderful.

A Pound He likes sophisticated and exquisite cakes, chocolates, strawberries… And above all, it has to have an elegant and delicate presentation. You will not be able to seduce him with any cake. I should make him something like a Raspberry Shortcake with hot chocolate. It can give you a cardiac arrest!

The scorpians They are people who put passion in everything they do. With great willpower, they opt for strong and fruity flavors. The perfect combination? An orange and dark chocolate tart.

Three milk cake. The people of Sagittarius They are always very adventurous, they love new experiences, it doesn’t matter if they end up liking it or not, they just don’t want to fall into monotony.

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November horoscope.

A Capricorn He doesn’t like cakes very much. And if you eat them they should not be too sweet. He actually prefers salty. He would love you more if you invited him to a seafood restaurant or to go out for tapas. But there are certain things that he does like: e. Blueberry cake with vanilla ice cream. You will tell me!

Aquarium You have a weakness for both sweet and salty, which is why you often find yourself at a crossroads… Do I save room for dessert or do I continue eating this delicious dish?

The sweet is the bane of the people of Pisces, nothing salty because they will reject it, find yourself something sweet, a classic of classics… Exactly! the chocolate.

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