November horoscope: What are the most manipulative signs?

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According to the horoscope, people of the sign Aries They do not care about the way to achieve their goals and whatever it is, they seek to achieve it. They tend to go over anyone to reach their goal and that’s when they bring out their ability to be manipulative. Their ability to convince someone is quite high and they always end up doing what Aries wants.


Taurus you tend to be stubborn and may see manipulation as a way to get what you want from people. Since he does not like to give in, but prefers to maintain the security of some relationships, he will induce behaviors and thoughts by planning big arguments. This sign also tends to use fear of others to put up with insecurities and become a special adviser helping with elections.


They are based on conversational power, they use every last resort to get elected. Gemini He seeks to manipulate on an individual and collective level with his words, it is a sign of the zodiac that does not like to be told what to do, but he does enjoy controlling whoever he wants. He sells his ideas, brings a new perspective to every situation, and knows full well that he must take risks to get it all.


Although it is not believed, cancer He is very manipulative, however, he does it differently than others. Let’s remember that people of sign cancer They are very emotional and sentimental, so they often end up being victims of their own emotions. Cancer They tend to be volatile, they can go from angry to overjoyed in just a few minutes. That is why they always need tolerant and understanding people in their environment to manipulate them as they want.


Leo He is a very passionate, temperamental, fiery and determined person, but when it comes to making a good play, master. Leo he knows where to go, what to do, how to follow and the perfect way to manipulate so that no one suspects and so that in the end of everything he gets away with it. Definitely? That Leo It will always be above even if you are a genius, even if your sarcastic comments are the best, it is very above without making any kind of overexertion.


VirgoAlthough he may be one of the most manipulative, he is not despite having the planet Mercury as ruler, which, like Gemini, gives him the gift of intelligence. And that wisdom would allow him to manipulate your mind if he wanted to, but Virgo You’re not usually allowed to do something like that. Virgo is an earth sign, with a lot of patience, who understands that everyone is at a different moment in their life, and that time teaches. He doesn’t need to prove anything to you, you’ll find out yourself. And if he needs something from you, he can wait, or find it in another way. He is not going to manipulate you against you by taking advantage of the fact that you would not even notice. Virgo He’s too noble to get into other people’s little heads.


to manipulate, Pound it is simply a disaster. The situation is usually very funny when he tries to get someone to follow his wishes and meets a person who thinks differently: he will soon be convinced by the other person. So, finally, the one manipulated is himself. Or maybe he will start to doubt what he really needs, what he wants to do and he will go into one of his crisis of Pound. complete indecision. Libra is usually more manipulated than the manipulator, his good heart makes him think that everyone has good intentions. And he is not able to see when someone is taking advantage of him, or when they are manipulating him.


The winner in the list of manipulative signs is scorpio, because it has particular characteristics with its way of being. They like to control everything using their intelligence and determination. A combination that makes him the most manipulative. They always get everything they want and nothing and no one that gets in the way will stop them.


Sagittarius He manipulates more than you can imagine, and it’s because of his cold honesty. She tells you things so clearly that she leaves you defenseless. If he doesn’t like something, rest assured that you will know, even if he knows that giving you his opinion can make you change yours. And of course he will tell you so many times that in the end you will have to listen to him, and all for not listening to him anymore.


He is clear about his objectives and how to achieve them. He can perfectly reason why you should pay attention to him and the worst thing will be his look of disappointment if you don’t do what he wants. He can even draw up a plan so that you think that the idea is yours and that it has nothing to do with your decisions.


They are the least manipulative of all. The Aquarium They are mainly exploited. They love to play with people and will do whatever it takes to get what they want from you. Their goal is to succeed and they will use psychological blackmail if necessary to achieve this. The Aquarium they will make you believe in them at all costs to take advantage of you.


Although they are trusted by friends and family, Pisces They can easily lie and manipulate people they barely know or with whom they don’t have such a good relationship. They can use the truth to make their own version and not be found out. In addition, they may be interested in generating curiosity about your life. It will create an atmosphere that combines mystery and lies to attract its victims. Be alert if you have a Pisces in your life with whom you do not get along so well.

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