November horoscope: how do you kiss each sign?

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Like a good fire sign Aries He is highly passionate and active, something that is reflected in his way of kissing. If they know that they are reciprocated, they don’t usually wait too long to kiss the other, and when they do, they give everything, kissing with enormous intensity and dedication. But the Aries they also expect the same in return, so to please them it will be necessary to give as much as they do. When kissing they can go from romance to passion in just seconds, making it very difficult to contain yourself before them.


According to astrology, Taurus It is associated with the pleasures of the earth and the physical and material. Therefore, we could not leave it out of this list. It is said that there are two things that Taurus will always do well: eat and kiss. This of course also includes sexual life. The Taurus They play with their lips, and also, they connect with their eyes, in a provocative way to be able to kiss intentionally, with passion and strength. They show love in a public way, without problem, they give excellent hugs and easily show their affection.


The geminians they are so much fun, even when they kiss. They are very observant, detailed and loving. So don’t be surprised if he interrupts the kiss to tell you what a great time it was. Gemini He has no problem showing his feelings when he feels that he is the right person.


Of all the zodiac signs Cancer is the most sensitive. Romantics and dedicated need to receive security when kissing, so at first they can do it timidly, but if they are stimulated properly, all that romance that they carry inside will flow. They tend to talk during kisses, tell their partner romantic phrases and caress, and they like to receive the same in return.


Leo He is one of the best kissers in the zodiac, he is a passionate and loyal sign. Once you win the heart of the leonines, they will be in charge of making your partner feel that you are in the best relationship of your life. He is passionate and creative, qualities that he transfers to love and that make him an extraordinary kisser.


people born in Virgo they are shy and withdrawn. They are not the most expressive when it comes to making their feelings public -according to the horoscope- and, many times, you even have to figure out what they are experiencing inside. This introvert trait also shows up in kissing. And it is that, when kissing, they are rather boring, inexpressive and it even seems that they do it out of obligation and commitment.


It is known to be the sign of balance and measure, but Pound when kissing is one of the most passionate, playful and dedicated. He always knows how to please and stimulate his partner, which is why he is considered one of the great kissers of the zodiac. He gives everything and is not limited to his mouth, letting himself be carried away by passion and dragging his partner with him. The most timid do not inspire him, so to kiss this sign you have to be somewhat daring, like them.


Hot, very hot, that’s how they are scorpio and so their kisses. They are great lovers, so when they kiss they do it with great intensity and passion, awakening all kinds of emotions in their partner. They like sensual and passionate people to be able to play freely, and although they can be dominant when it comes to kissing, they love challenges and people who are hard to reach, which can awaken all their hunting instincts.


A Sagittarius They like to live in constant adventure, they enjoy challenges and emotions, which is why they are versatile kissers who manage to stimulate all the emotions in their partner to the maximum. They like to kiss with creativity and passion but they also need the other to give the same or else they get bored easily, you should stimulate their desire through this practice if you want to have him for yourself.


Capricorns Y capricorns They are somewhat rough when it comes to connecting emotionally with others and it is this point that will complicate them when it comes to kissing. They will be able to kiss better to the extent that they relax and let their spirit flow with that of the other person, but if their minds are distracted by chores, it will be difficult for them to let go, feel and be able to deliver all their passion. What Capricorn He is a fighting zodiac sign and above all very independent, his kisses will have too much of his imprint and will tend to leave no room for mutual sensations or for the proposal of the other loved one, who perhaps wants a softer, more calm and romantic kiss or on the contrary. , more passionate.


Aquarium It is a sign that is characterized by making the most of each moment by living with intensity, that is why in their kisses they give the maximum, always offering their partner variety. It is a passionate sign for those who find it difficult to keep their hands calm, which is why when kissing they greatly enjoy touching the other, showing them all their desire.


They give the best kisses, they are always very tender with the loved one, but you will never see them show affection on the street. His kisses are soft and slow like the ones in the movies. They know how to control their impulses very well.

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