November horoscope: How do the zodiac signs spend the hot days?

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Aries perfectly supports the heat. It is one of those who can spend hours under the sun like a lizard. He is even one of those who takes a nap and relaxes him a lot. They like the beach and find pleasure in sweating in the sun, and then bathing. For him that is the holidays.

Winter makes people sad Taurus. He longs for the green of the trees and the spring flowers. Try to stay as long as possible in the house, in the warmth of the home, or in heated places. Withstands high temperatures with resistance.

Gemini It withstands heat and sun very well. Umbrellas don’t exist for him. He considers that the sun is positive energy, swimming, doing some water sport… To return to lie down on the towel to doze. Of course, he drinks a lot of water, so as not to dehydrate, because he takes great care of his health.

First on the list of zodiac signs that hate heat are those born are people of Cancer. They hate sunbathing directly. With them, resting on a bunk with a frozen coconut will be a dream that will not come true, unless there is a good shadow in between.

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November horoscope.

Leo does not withstand the heat. He sunbathes because he likes to be handsome, but he can’t last more than 30 minutes. A bathroom and on the other side, a bathroom and under the umbrella. For Leo The umbrella is essential, to be able to protect yourself, when you have already received your bearable dose of sun.

It supports without complaining or giving too much importance to the weather, Virgo. Take precautions, listen to the forecast and never leave homeless. Even if it’s a camper. He worries so that the stoves work well. Resistant, works the same in bad conditions.

Pound Holds the sun, the heat and whatever it takes. She is very flirtatious. Of course it will support all the sun that is needed. He is not very interested in water or land sports, but he loves being taken on a yacht and being on deck with a drink in hand.

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November horoscope.

The people of scorpio They are very sensitive and perceptive, they are affected by temperature changes and rainy or gray days. His mood feels mirrored in the weather. But bad weather does not stop him or prevent him from continuing with his plans.

Sagittarius It can withstand the heat a lot, it can spend many hours walking and doing sports under the sun. He is an adventurer and is psyched up for inclement weather. It is true that if he goes to the beach, he will have to do some sport or run along the shore, because he cannot stay still for a long time.

For the capricorns being comfortable is one of their tastes, but not sweating. If he goes to the beach, he can hardly last 10 minutes under the intense rays of the sun and he runs off as if a devilish doll were chasing him. For them the shadow is their best ally.

Pay little attention to the weather Aquarium. It does not postpone occupations due to extreme temperatures. It concentrates on them. The wind gives you a feeling of freedom. It’s very tough. You may suddenly decide to go somewhere else for a change.

Pisces hold the heat He is in love with the beach, summer and sunbathing. Always with friends, of course. He likes to tan, to be more attractive. He loves to bathe in the sea. It’s in his element. Even though it’s hot, he doesn’t mind exercising, especially outdoors.

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