Novela ‘Poliana Moça’: summary of the chapters for the week of May 16 to 20

NOVEL “POLIANA MOÇA” – summary of the chapters from May 16 to 20, 2022

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CHAPTER 41 – Monday, 5/16

With her hand not fully recovered, Violeta (Gabriela Saadi) helps Waldisney (Pedro Lemos) to get a piece to reactivate Pinocchio (João Pedro Delfino). Éric (Lucas Burgatti) tells Helena (Luisa Bresser) that João (Igor Jansen) is using him to make Poliana (Sophia Valverde) jealous; John appears.

Otto (Dalton Vigh) tells Gloria (Clarisse Abujamra) that it was Roger (Otávio Martins) who stole the crystals and she asks if there is any evidence. Ruth (Myrian Rios) scolds the teachers for the kissing scene and tells her to be cut from the web series.

Roger shows up at Gloria’s house, starts fighting with his mother, leaving her at the center of the fight. When studying at João’s house, Helena does everything to give him a kiss, but Ruth appears and ends up preventing her. Raquel (Isabella Moreira) and Brenda (Flávia Pavanelli) select clothes to be interviewed; Lorena (Pietra Quintela) appears in the room, and Raquel carelessly states that she is looking for a job to have stability and to be able to leave home, leaving Lorena saddened.

Mario (Theo Medon) reveals to his parents that Luca Tuber (Giovanni De Lorenzi) called him to be interviewed at the company for him to be hired and the parents have a reaction. Lorena reveals what she knows about Raquel during dinner and the girl fights with Durval (Marat Descartes).

CHAPTER 42 – Tuesday, 5/17

Tânia (Ana Paula Valverde), Otto and Poliana have dinner and the woman reveals an unexpected and sad story about her husband and daughter. Poliana tells her father that she kissed João. Marcelo (Murilo Cezar) and Luísa (Thais Melchior) tell Glória about the evolution of the in vitro fertilization process.

Marcelo and Luigi (Enzo Krieger) have a conversation and he says that the kiss scene will be removed because the school doesn’t allow it. Pedro (Tavinho Martins) is a victim of bullying and Lorena catches him. Brenda and Raquel head for job interviews.

Mario gives Pedro advice about bullying. Violeta and Waldisney continue doing everything they can to fix the ‘cricket’ play; Violeta leaves the hiding place looking for material to fix the piece. Éric and Poliana make a recording of the scene in which he must bite the teenager’s neck.

CHAPTER 43 – Wednesday, 5/18

João doesn’t like the scene of Éric biting Poliana’s neck. João and Poliana talk alone and he asks why she is close to Éric and why she stayed away from him; Kessya (Duda Pimenta) interferes with the dialogue to complete the recordings. Helena tells João that she wants him to show her the garden of Poliana’s mansion and something big happens: Helena kisses João by surprise.

Celeste looks for Vinicius by surprise, making him question who she is looking for. Chloe (Mariana Campolongo) reveals to Eugenia that her brother is being bullied by the boys at school, making her look for Pedro assuring her that she will act. Luigi and Mario head to Luca’s company.

Poliana and Luísa talk about her and João’s relationship. Mario does everything he can to get into the company when he finds out that his parents have to authorize him to sign the contract with Luca. Jefferson (Vítor Britto) tells Gleyce (Maria Gal) that Vinícius (Vincenzo Richy) and Formiga (Humberto Morais) allowed him to move into their property.

CHAPTER 44 – Thursday, 5/19

Waldisney assures Violeta that Roger has the crystals and will have to put up with him, but only for a short time. Éric and Poliana talk and the boy says he noticed her downcast at the end of the recording. She says that there was nothing and that he did very well in the scenes.

Eugenia (Amanda Acosta) looks for Helô (Eliana de Souza) at school to talk about the humiliations her son has been suffering. Otto goes to Davi’s (Marcello Airoldi) house to find out about the kidnapping. Roger watches as his brother leaves his home. Jefferson packs his belongings to leave, with the help of Gleyce, who doesn’t conform.

Gloria asks Roger questions about the theft of the crystals. Helena tells Song (Bella Chang) the kiss she gave João, praises him and the news takes over the school. The doorman tells Roger that his brother went after David. Éric talks to the new couple’s colleagues; Helena reacts in front of everyone.

They reveal the result of Brenda and Raquel’s interview. Helena and João head to coordination after what happened in front of their colleagues. Tania questions Otto about his conversation with Davi.

CHAPTER 45 – Friday, 5/20

Helena asks the girls why they don’t want to talk to her; Song claims to have found her attitude in the room unreasonable and if she wanted to get attention, she was successful. Roger looks for Davi, does everything he can to get the doctor to say something about the conversation with Otto and leaves his backpack behind.

Helena and Poliana have a conversation about their friendship. Gleyce gives Celeste a portrait of who she is looking for. Nanci gives lectures with abusive relationships as a theme. Eugenia finds a backpack in the room and suspects it to be a bomb because she doesn’t know who it belongs to.

Jefferson moves in with Vini and Formiga. Pedro and Chloe tell Megabelo to watch out for Roger’s backpack, which he forgot. Poliana notices that her crystal necklace has disappeared and looks for her father. Violet fixes Pinocchio, and the puppet asks why it took so long to reactivate.


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