Novel ‘Vai na Fé’: mother of two, seller of takeout and church singer. Who is Sol, the protagonist?

Author of soap opera “Vai na Fé” next plot of seven, Rosane Svartman promises a story with conflicts and romances bringing together characters described as “human and imperfect” with their mistakes and successes🇧🇷 Sheron Menezzes is the one leading the cast, bringing Sol to life. Scheduled for January, the successor to “Cara e Coragem” also marks the debut of Jean Paulo Campos, Cirilo from “Carrossel” on Globo.

In the story, Sol is a woman born in the Piedade neighborhood (North Zone of Rio) and who works in the city center, where she sells the famous takeaways under the motto “go in faith!, it will work!”. A member of a church choir since childhood, she is the daughter of the couple Marlene (Elisa Lucinda) and Carlão (Che Moais), the latter unemployed since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the mother of Duda (Manu Estevão) and Jenifer ( Bella Campos).

Jenifer, in turn, is the first member of the family to attend university. Sol, on the other hand, became known in her youth as the “princess of funk dance” and attended this type of dance hidden from her family. In addition to “Vai na Fé”, Globo launches “Amor Perfeito” in 2023 at six o’clock (click here to see details).

Novel ‘Vai na Fé’: Sol is reunited with old love

The protagonist’s life takes a turn when she is called to work with pop singer Lui Lorenzo (José Loreto), an authentic conqueror. And it is because of this partnership that Sol ends up reuniting with Benjamin (Samuel de Assis) and Theo (Emilio Dantas).

The first was her great passion when she was young and today she is the husband of Lumiar (Carolina Dieckmann). Both Ben and Lumiar graduated in law and specialized in criminal matters. On the other hand, Theo is Clara’s (Regiane Alves) husband and the owner of suspicious businesses and of whom Sol has the worst possible memories.

“It’s a soap opera full of that positivity so characteristic of the Brazilian people, that certainty that tomorrow will be better. The environment is this plural and mixed city, where different generations, cultures and social identities confront and coexist, adapting expectations and reviewing values “, summarizes Paulo Silvestrini, artistic director of the soap opera.

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