Novel ‘Vai na Fé’: is it Yuri? Jenifer (Bella Campos) kisses a student at Guiga’s party

At soap opera “Vai na Fé”, Jenifer (Bella Campos) awakened the passion in Yuri (Jean Paulo Campos), with whom he wants nothing more than friendship. only who will kiss the law student and eldest daughter of Sol (Sheron Menezzes) is Otávio (Gabriel Contente) during a party at Guiga’s house (Mel Maya). The scenes will air next week in the new seven o’clock soap opera.

About to discover a great family secret, the student is invited by the boy to accompany him to the party that the influencer is going to organize. When counts for Kate (Clara Moneke), her best friend and daughter of Bruna (Carla Cristina Cardoso), the girl begs her to take her with her.

Novel ‘Vai na Fé’: Jenifer’s friend kisses a boy at Guiga’s party

Except, of course, Guiga will show that he didn’t approve of his friend’s attitude very well. Snobby, the patricinha mistreats not only her college classmate but her friend, making Otávio come out in defense of the two. By this time, of course, the daughter of Sol and Carlão (Che Moais) will have already aroused the interest of the university student, who does not hide his excitement when talking about Jenifer.

And the new couple’s first kiss takes place inside his car. Already a little earlier, Kate is in the mood to Fred (Henrique Barreira) and kisses the boy, Jenifer’s college friend, whose family will be hit by a great tragedy. In the midst of all this, the police unexpectedly show up at Guiga’s party and arrest her father, Emílio (undisclosed actor).

Because of this scandal, the influencer ends up being affected and moves away from social networks, while her teacher, Lumiar (Carolina Dieckmann) is appointed as the businessman’s lawyer.

Novel ‘Vai na Fé’ has a change in the cast. Know!

Still in the plot of seven, a change affects the cast. Because he didn’t have DRT and didn’t even get a special authorization, Rafa Kalimann left the story after recording some scenes and these weren’t even aired. Sofia Starling is chosen to replace the presenter.

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