Novel ‘Um Lugar Ao Sol’: Understand Lara’s crisis before marriage to Mateus

In the next chapters of “Um Lugar ao Sol”, Rede Globo’s first telenovela completely unpublished after the pandemic, Lara (Andréia Horta) will have a crying crisis before marrying Matthew (Danton Mello). The cook’s stepdaughter, the little Marie, will tell her stepmother that she saw a man like Christian (Cauã Reymond) in the city recently, so that Lara will be nervous.

Remember that, in fact, Christian/Renato will go after his ex, but he won’t find her at home. Still, the trip won’t have been in vain, as the former valet will discover that Lara is getting married. Overcome by despair at the news, Ravi’s best friend (Juan Paiva) even decides to invade the wedding.

Christian/Renato remains hidden during ceremony

Despite having invaded the wedding, Christian/Renato will prefer to remain hidden while the ceremony takes place, without allowing himself to be seen by anyone. He watches when Lara, already at the altar, hesitates before the “yes”, as if remembering him. The chef, however, blinks and agrees to the marriage, making the union official.

Lara lies to Matthew about taking birth control pills

Later, as time goes by, Matthew will make it clear to the woman that he would like to have more children. Aware of her husband’s desire, Lara agrees to stop taking the pills, but continues to take them in secret. The lie, which is later discovered, becomes a reason for a fight between the couple.

Meanwhile, Elenice (Ana Beatriz Nogueira), reveals to her own brother, Teodoro (Fernando Eiras), that Renato could never have children, since he contracted mumps in childhood and the disease left him sterile. The revelation will leave Teodoro intrigued, since, until recently, Barbara (Alinne Moraes) was pregnant. He soon comes to the conclusion that Santiago’s heiress (José de Abreu) ​​has been betraying her lover.

Christian/Renato has an accident and Lara sees a wrecked car on the road

On the next 27th, Christian/Renato will hit the road after having a fight with the woman’s family. At that time, he will be accused of having a child outside of marriage. But, nervous, ends up knocking. Mateus and Lara, who are in their own car together, will see another crashed vehicle on the road, and will try to help.

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