Novel ‘Um Lugar ao Sol’: Maria Fernanda accuses Christian/Renato of fathering her son

The next chapters of “A Place in the Sun”, Christian/Renato (Cauã Reymond) will discover that his brother arrived at getting another woman pregnant while dating Barbara (Aline Moraes). Maria Fernanda (Fernanda Nobre) will look for Santiago’s now son-in-law (José de Abreu) ​​and explain that the son, Luc, is the result of their quick relationship..

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In shock, Christian/Renato will tell the girl to talk at another time, alone. The two then arrange a lunch. Nicole (Ana Baird) ends up listening to everything and tells Rebeca (Andréa Beltrão) about the story. Before long, the whole family learns, except Barbara, who has just lost her own child in childbirth. Remember that she and Christian/Renato will be married for less than a year.

Barbara discovers Christian/Renato’s son and ends up getting married

As soon as she finds out about her husband’s “fence jump”, Barbara is beside herself and ends the marriage without a second thought. Next, Nicole’s sister convinces her father to fire the now ex, in an attempt to punish him for his betrayal. Santiago attends, but shortly after, Elenice (Ana Beatriz Nogueira) clarifies that the exam of DNA made in the child proved that the boy was not Christian Renato’s son.

It is worth noting that identical twins have the same genetic code. That way, if Renato had actually been the child’s father, and not Christian, the test would still have been positive. Therefore, Christian himself is relieved with the news, because it means that Renato did not get Maria Fernanda pregnant.

Since the soap opera began, Ravi’s best friend (Juan Paiva) has been discovering his brother’s mistakes in cascade. Right after the wedding, for example, Christian came across the fact that Renato had killed someone. After the revelation, the former valet, who couldn’t stop thinking about Lara (Andréia Horta), even invades her ex’s wedding.

Renato couldn’t have children, says Elenice

Shortly after the revelation that the DNA made in the child proved the non-paternity of Christian/Renato, Barbara apologizes to her lover and resumes the marriage. The two do not know, however, from what Elenice confided to Teodoro (Fernando Eiras): that Renato became sterile after contracting childhood mumps. That would mean that the child Barbara lost couldn’t be her husband’s—although it was.

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