Novel ‘Um Lugar ao Sol’: Learn Santiago’s reaction to learning that Christian/Renato had a child out of wedlock

Next chapters of “A Place in the Sun”, Santiago (José de Abreu) ​​go fire Christian/Renato (Cauã Reymond) upon discovering that his son-in-law had a child out of wedlock. The information will reach the ears of the entrepreneur through Túlio (Daniel Dantas), who, in turn, will stay on top of the information when discussing with Rebeca (Andea Beltrão).

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The inclusion of Maria Fernanda in the story not only ends with Christian/Renato’s job, but also with his marriage. Upon learning about the existence of Luc, the name given to the child, Barbara (Alinne Moraes) decides to put an end to the relationship.

Out of her mind, the heiress to the supermarket empire begs her father to sever relations with her now ex-husband. Santiago, of course, answers. At this point, Barbara will even know that she can no longer have children.

Santiago even organizes a tribute to Christian/Renato before he finds out about the child

To make matters worse, Túlio reveals to his father-in-law about Maria Fernanda when the whole family is gathered at a company event. Santiago will have organized a tribute to the new favorite son-in-law, since Christian/Renato will be doing very well in the position, having even made a good sale of one of the supermarket’s units.

But the party ends with scandal. It is worth remembering that Santiago has already been warned by the doctor not to continue working. On another occasion, the patriarch gets sick when he goes up on stage to speak to officials.

Elenice reveals that the DNA test was negative, and the child is not Christian/Renato

Shortly after the family found out about the existence of Luc and Maria Fernanda, Elenice (Ana Beatriz Nogueira) intervenes, saying that the DNA test carried out on the child was negative. The information will make Barbara go back on the decision to end the marriage, because the girl will call Christian/Renato and apologize.

What Elenice does not reveal, however, is that Renato contracted mumps as a child, so he has been sterile ever since. Upon learning about this new fact, Teodoro (Fernando Eiras) comes to the conclusion that Barbara’s lost son was never her husband’s.

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