Novel ‘Um Lugar ao Sol’: Barbara discovers she can no longer have children after losing a baby in childbirth

Next chapters of “a place in the sun“, Barbarian (Alinne Moraes) will go into labor along with Joy (Lara Tremouroux), but will lose the baby at birth. After the initial mourning, which will leave her dissatisfied, Santiago’s daughter (José de Abreu) ​​will see a doctor to find out when you can get pregnant again. It is worth remembering that Barbara announced that she was pregnant right after the wedding.

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But, to her dismay, Barbara will receive the news that will not be able to have children anymore. The news will leave Christian/Renato’s wife (Cauã Reymond) without ground. disoriented she will catch a car and travel to Búzios, where promises attempt on life itself. Upon learning of the sudden trip and the wife’s diagnosis through his father-in-law, Christian/Renato go after her, saving her at the last minute.

To make matters worse, in the midst of all this, Maria Fernanda (Fernanda Nobre) will appear with a child in her arms, claiming that the child is Renato’s. Not knowing what to do, Ravi’s best friend (Juan Paiva) asks the girl for time to explain the situation to Barbara. That won’t make the problem any easier.

DNA test proves that Luc is not Renato/Christian’s son

Elenice (Ana Beatriz Nogueira), who watches everything from afar, explains to the family that Maria Fernanda’s son really isn’t Renato’s, a since the DNA test was negative. Thus, the matriarch claims that the girl just wanted to extract money from all of them – an idea quickly accepted by the others.

Christian/Renato is relieved by the news, as, although he is not the brother, he knows that he and the real Renato shared the same DNA – like all identical twins, although they were completely different in personality.

Elenice reveals that Renato was sterile, and Teodoro doubts Barbara’s faithfulness

After the family make up with Christian/Renato, Elenice explains to her own brother, Teodoro (Fernando Eiras) that she didn’t need the DNA test to make sure the son wasn’t Luc’s father. That’s because, in childhood, Renato contracted mumps and became sterile.

Curious, Teodoro analyzes that new information and comes to the conclusion that, thus, the son Barbara lost could not be her husband’s either – that is, the Santiago heiress would have betrayed Christian/Renato at some point. What they don’t know, however, is that Christian has taken his brother’s place and therefore he is the twin who can indeed have children.

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