Novel ‘The More Life, the Better!’: Flávia receives help to leave prison. Know from whom!

US next chapters of the novel “The More Life, the Better!”, Flávia (Valentina Herszage) will be arrested after having an outbreak at the door of the police station. To make matters worse, the pole dancing dancer involved in an airport scam will still run out of dollars. However, Flávia will not be in jail for long and will have the help of Neném (Vladimir Brichta) to leave the prison through the front door.

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In scenes that are scheduled to air starting this week, the dancer tries to outwit the twin brothers Leco (André Silberg) and Neco (Carlos Silberg) by giving Guilherme (Mateus Solano) a kiss, as well as her, Neném and Paula (Giovanna Antonelli) survivor of a plane crash. However, the plan does not go as expected and the duo recognizes her.

Flávia and Guilherme start to escape and gain the help of the player and the businesswoman. But it seems that Death (Maia) wants to speed up the passage of time so that one of them actually dies. The vehicle where the quartet is is shot at by Neco and then gets stuck in the train track.

‘The More Life, the Better’: Neném turns to Guilherme to release Flávia

A little later, the cardiologist will do everything for Flávia to prove her innocence and will call on a friend for the dancer to report to the police station. Meanwhile, Neco and Leco insist on catching the Pulp Fiction nightclub employee off guard. And before being arrested, the protagonist still has time to spend a night with Murilo (Jaffar Bambirra).

Only after that does the twins’ enemy arrive at the police station and face such an outbreak, being arrested while trying to escape. It doesn’t take long for Neném to come to her defense and visit her in the penitentiary. Afterwards, the former Flamengo idol receives a message from his friend asking for help. Not knowing what to do, the ace turns to Guilherme.

And he is successful in the endeavor, as soon a court official appears to free the girl. Finally, the ex-husband of Jandira (Micheli Machado) and Betina (Carol Garcia) decides to take Flávia home, in the plot that is fully recorded. As well as “Um Lugar ao Sol” some alternative endings were produced.

‘The More Life, the Better’: ‘Flávia has a free soul’, defined the actress

Previously seen in “Pega Pega!”, Valentina Herszage stated that the character, a con artist, has “a free soul”. “It is a young woman taking risks and looking for love. Seeking her senses in life, wanting to love and feel loved”, she pointed out when looking for inspiration/reference in films such as “Closer”.

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