Novel ‘The More Life, the Better’: Flávia flees the press when found alive

The next chapters of “The More Life, the Better!“, Neném (Vladimir Brichta), Paula (Giovanna Antonelli), Guilherme (Mateus Solano) and Flávia (Valentina Herszage) will get involved in a plane crash. To the dismay of the families, the four will even be given as dead.

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But after making a deal with Death (The Maia) in person, the lives of the four are preserved. With one condition, of course: after a year, one of them will actually leave for the other side, ie will die. Panicking at the idea of ​​not being able to say goodbye, everyone decides to go along with the idea. And so they come back to life.

Moments later, the plane crash has already made the news everywhere, so that when they show up alive, the survivors of the disaster become targets of the press. But Flavia, unlike the others, has no interest in appearing on television. So the dancer, who is the youngest in the group, runs away.

Flávia was involved in a crime when she entered the aircraft

The reason Flávia wants to escape the press involves the fact that the pole dancer, who is also a singer, was actually escaping from the police when she got into the aircraft. She wore a flight attendant’s uniform she found in an airport restroom and continued carrying a suitcase full of dollars.

Cora (Valentina Bandeira), who invited her to participate in the coup, ended up arrested. And, behind bars, he swears revenge on his former partner in crime. Learn more about this and other characters in our “Who’s Who”.

Guilherme is called by the police to identify Flávia’s face

Days later, the survivors are called to collect their own belongings that were collected from the scene of the tragedy. One of the officers questions Guilherme about a suitcase found on the aircraft, one that held thousands of dollars.

At this point, as authorities have arrested Cora, now they just want to go after Flávia, follow the dancer’s tracks. Thus, they question the doctor about the identity of the stewardess, even showing a photo.

Guilherme, although he started the soap opera as an arrogant and self-centered cardiologist, starts to become a better man after the accident, so he’s likely to lie to the policeman. The synopsis provided by TV Globo does not confirm the doctor’s response in the scene in question.

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