Novel ‘The Favourite’: was it Flora who killed Dodi? What happens to Silveirinha? Record!

THE novel “The Favorite” is back next Monday (16th) at “Vale a Pena Ver de Novo”. and you remember what is the end of Dodi and Silveirinha in the soap opera? The characters of Murilo Benício and Ary Fontoura are linked to Flora (Patricia Pillar). The first married the woman who spent almost 20 years in prison accused of murder. And the second was his manager in his youth when he formed a duo with Donatela (Claudia Raia).

Also in “A Favorita”, Silveirinha kidnapped Halley (Cauã Reymond) when he was a child. The boy, actually Mateus, is the son of Donatela and Gonçalo (Mauro Mendonça), father of Dodi and her ex-lover, and raised by him, Silveirinha, and manicurist Cilene (Elizangela) as if he were an orphan.

+ See the endings of Flora, Donatela and their children, Lara and Halley and what happens to Catarina, victim of domestic aggression

How does Dodi die in ‘The Favourite’?

Assassin of Marcelo Fontini (Flavio Tolezani), husband of Donatela and son of Gonçalo, Flora also kills Dodi, with whom she was married. The tragic end of platinum occurs after he leaves jail – an arrest occurs for drug possession – and goes to a ranch where Flora and Donatela are.

Armed, Dodi takes Donatela hostage. Flora ends up killing the father of her daughter, Lara (Mariana Ximenes). Afterwards, she orders him to be buried in a backyard. It is worth remembering that with Flora’s release from jail, Donatela ends up discovering that Dodi, now her husband, had other relationships and diverts money from a company.

Freed, Flora and Dodi form an alliance and with his help, the assassin kills Salvatore (Walmor Chagas), Maíra (Juliana Paes) and Gonçalo. But it is only with Dodi’s death that Flora ends up imprisoned again, in the soap opera in which the actresses underwent changes in their look.

What is Silveirinha’s ending in ‘A Favorita’?

The entrepreneur and talent scout ends the story in almost the same way he started. Once again, the kidnapper finds a child duo and decides to take over their career. This occurs after Silveirinha turns against Flora, helps Donatela to arrest the criminal once and for all and is stabbed by the villain.

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