Novel ‘The Favorite’: considered dead, Donatela gains an ally to finish off Flora. Know who!

At novel “The Favorite”, Donatela (Claudia Raia) was presumed dead and now Lara’s foster mother (Mariana Ximenes) will begin to plot revenge against Flora (Patricia Pillar), responsible for her arrest. For this, the girl decides to go after Pedro (Genézio de Barros), in the soap opera originally shown between 2008 and 2009, surprising the elderly man.

“Donatela, is that you? My God, you’re alive. You’re alive, my daughter”, says the ex-singer’s future ally, who explains: “I died, but I didn’t die, you know? It was someone else who died in my place and everyone thinks it’s me”. Afterwards, Pedro reports that he was hospitalized by Flora, who still pays a team to fill him with medication.

Rival of the serial killer, remember here who Flora killed, Donatela guarantees that she will help Pedro escape the villain’s hands. And it doesn’t take long for the ex-singer to take the father of her heart to his house. “We’re going to turn it around, but for that you need to be strong, willing, selling health to help me”, she explains, who won a happy ending in the last chapter of João Emanuel Carneiro’s novel.

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Novel ‘A Favorita’: Donatela explains Pedro’s plan against Flora


Then Donatela explains to Pedro how he is going to help her. “You will have to change your behavior, apologize, admit that you were upset, out of your mind… (…). I need you to get on well with the Fontini family. And they need to believe that you left of the outbreak and that he was finally convinced that I am to blame for everything that happened. Only then will you be able to help me”, he says.

Of course, Pedro decides to help Donatela without much thought. Finally, the girl warns her father to be careful with Diva (Giulia Gam). “I thought I was getting rid of my skin, but I was getting into something worse… I’ll have to keep hiding. Now not just for one, but for two reasons”, she explains, worrying the elderly man.

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