Novel ‘Esmeralda’: remember history, reason for Graziela’s death, and father of Esmeralda’s son

What is the story of the soap opera ‘Esmeralda’?

The novel begins when, during a storm, Esmeralda is born, daughter of Branca (Lucinha Lins) and Rodolfo (Paulo César Grande), with the help of the midwife Rosário (Manoelita Lustosa). The protagonist’s drama begins right there because her whole family wanted a boy to come and Branca has no chance of getting pregnant again.

In addition, the child is born without seeing. Margarida (Sonia Guedes) comes up with the idea of ​​an exchange of babies when she discovers from Rosário that the woman had another birth hours before a boy, who has no father and who loses his mother at birth. Both and Branca end up hiding the exchange of children from Rodolfo.

“Esmeralda” now takes a 20-year time jump and shows José Armando (Claudio Lins) returning to the farm where he was supposedly born and now graduated in Medicine. On the other hand, Esmeralda is raised alongside Sabiá (Antônio Petrim) and Doctor Lúcio (Delano Avelar), whose face was disfigured after saving the young woman from a fire.

To make the protagonist’s situation even worse, Lúcio believes he has complete control over Esmeralda, who, of course, meets José Armando and they fall in love. But the doctor is committed to his own cousin, Graziela (Karina Barum), manipulated by her mother, the ambitious Fátima (Tânia Bondesan).

Meanwhile, Graziela falls in love with Adrian (Daniel Andrade), a farm worker. Still during the plot, Esmeralda arouses interest in Álvaro (Olivetti Herrera) and José starts a relationship with Patrícia (Fabiana Alvarez).

What are the endings of the soap opera ‘Esmeralda’?

Over the course of the chapters, Esmeralda and José marry to the wrath of his foster father. In a fight, Rosário and Margarida reveal about the exchange of babies and Rodolfo goes after his daughter, who he had given to Lúcio to leave in captivity.

The couple separates after Lúcio lies when he says he is the father of Esmeralda’s child – actually, of course, José Armando. In the sequence, Esmeralda regains her sight, but some time later, it is José who is blinded after falling from a horse.

Finally, José regains his sight and ends up next to Esmeralda, by then recognized as Rodolfo’s daughter. Lúcio, after telling that the girl’s son is not his, but José’s, dies during a surgery to try to reconstruct his face. Adrian, Esmeralda’s ex, stays with Aurora (Cris Bessa).

Why does Graziela die in the soap opera Esmeralda?

In the final stretch, Graziela faces a serious depression that ends up leading to her death in the arms of Adrian, with whom she ends up dating during the soap opera. But because of her mother, the two separate and Graziela joins Daniel (Domingos Meira), a fatal victim of an accident.

Trying to get back in love with Adrian, she lies saying that she is expecting his child, but soon the charade is discovered. It is after that, that the girl ends up losing her life.

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