Novel ‘Carinha de Anjo’: summary of chapters for the week of January 10 to 15, 2022

NOVEL “CARINHA DE ANJO” – summary of the week from January 10th to 15th, 2022 – SBT, 20:30

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CHAPTER 84 – Second, 1/10

Gustavo (Carlo Porto) is shocked by Cecília’s (Bia Arantes) change, calls her ‘sister’ and she says never to refer to her in that way again. Afterwards, he tells how Dulce (Lorena Queiroz) had an accident. Cecília breaks down in tears and says she is guilty and says that there is no person more important to her than Dulce. Gustavo does everything to reassure Cecília. Miguel (Pedro Miranda) and Zé Felipe (Leonardo Oliveira) get dirty after being framed by Emílio (Gabriel Miller)

Wigs (Priscila Sol) tries to explain to her niece why Cecília dropped the habit, before the former novice visits her. Dulce says that Cecília left her behind, she only likes her as a novice and that she doesn’t want to know about the “new” Cecília anymore. Haydee (Clarice Niskier) learns that Noemia (Stella Miranda) is the elderly woman he met at the gym. Flávio (Dudu Pelizari) argues about Noemia’s wealth, but Haydee says he won’t accept her because of the age difference.

Dulce tells her father that Cecília will no longer put her to sleep every day and if she becomes her mother, she will stop being special to be like other women. Cecília leaves André (Bruno Lopes) fascinated with her beauty. To Cecília, Gustavo tells that he talked about his move to his daughter, but Dulce refuses to see her. Gustavo says he can take Cecília back to Fátima’s (Rai Teichimam) house.

André appears at the reception, says that tomorrow Dulce will start treatment with the psychologist and tells Cecília that she can also take her home. Gustavo interferes and claims that he will give Cecília a lift. At the door of the house, the ex-novice tells Gustavo that she loves her daughter and that she hopes she will agree to his move, and will go after work like any other woman. Gustavo touches her face and says that she cannot compare herself to others because she is special. She retorts saying she doesn’t feel that way, Gustavo rejects and praises her.

Fabiana (Karin Hills) is surprised to see Cecília for the first time without the nun’s clothes when visiting her friend at Fátima’s house. Dulce returns home. Luciano’s (Kaleb Figueiredo) and Frida (Sienna Belle) parents go to Diana’s (Camilla Camargo) house to complain about their children. Gustavo takes the psychologist Alessandra (Mylla Christie) to his daughter’s room.

Alessandra talks to Dulce. To Vitor (Thiago Mendonça), Perucas shows the painting that Silvestre (Blota Filho) gave him. They open the present and enjoy the painting. Solange (Cristina Mutarelli) doesn’t understand anything and disapproves of the painting. Haydee to herself disapproves of her son being with someone older. She considers causing the end of the relationship in a meeting with Noemia. Dulce tells Alessandra that Cecília already liked her.

André looks for Cecília to offer her a job. Cecília says she will think about it. Silvana (Silvia Franceschi) gives Verônica (Elisa Brites) the message that Noemia left to meet Gustavo. At the same time, Noemia goes to lunch with Flávio. He finds out about her meeting with Gustavo. After Fabiana insists, the Superior (Eliana Guttman) agrees to go visit Dulce so that she agrees with Cecília’s new version. Dulce celebrates their visit. The Superior reminds Dulce that Cecília, Teresa and Wigs are the same now for not wearing the habit.

The child imagines Cecília imitating the look of Wigs. Dulce says that since the Superior insisted, she wants to visit Cecília. Zeca (Jean Paulo Campos) and Juju (Maisa Silva) watch the clip with friends. Gustavo celebrates the fact that Dulce agreed to see Cecília. The friends go to Dulce’s house. Cecília finds out from Wigs that Dulce agrees to see her. Cecília, excited, tells Fátima. Alessandra and Dulce talk, a day later. Fátima approves of her sister’s look and hairstyle. Gustavo catches the ex-novice. At the same time, Veronica talks to Gustavo and takes his hand. Cecilia shows up and doesn’t like it.

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CHAPTER 85 – Tuesday, 1/11

Juju tells her mother that a radio station in SP approved Zeca’s clip and showed interest in it. Flávio tells his mother not to mention Gustavo at lunch with Noemia. Dulce admits to Alessandra that she wanted Cecília to become her new mother, but she and her father cannot reach an agreement. Rosana (Angela Dip) tells Juju to film her at the contest. The Superior meets Cecília for the first time without her nun’s clothes and is surprised by her beauty.

Dulce finally talks to Cecília and admits she still likes her. Dulce says that she dreamed of Cecília and the ex-novice asked her to walk and that was the only way she walked. Cecília tells the girl to leave the bed. She says she can only walk if Cecília returns to boarding school. Sweet kicks her out. Gustavo comforts her when Cecília cries. Veronica admits to Cristóvão (Guilherme Gorski) that she likes Gustavo.

Cecília looks for Diana and they talk about what is happening. Diana tells her to occupy her mind and Cecília tells her about the job offered by André. At lunch, Haydee appears in a youth outfit. Noemia appears and asks if she has a costume. Noemia gives Haydee a shawl. They fight over who is older. Adriana (Marianna Santos) finds out from Luzia (Laryssa Dias) that Dulce may not be able to walk anymore. They try to cheer up Dulce, who is crying.

Luciano tells Frida that he plans revenge on Zeca and his family for being grounded. Dulce dreams of her mother, who is dressed as a novice, and receives advice. Frida turns to her mother to visit the angel’s face. The mother says that if the two were friends, Dulce would help the business between her father and Dulce’s. Juju tells Zeca about the interest of a radio station in SP. Alessandra, Cecília and André talk to each other.

Fabiana tells Superior to hire Cecília as a teacher. The Superior says she will think about it. Alessandra says that Dulce doesn’t want to walk anymore, because she won’t find Cecília at boarding school anymore. A day later, Dulce has a session with Alessandra and says that she will be able to see Cecília outside the school. Superiora and Fabiana invite Cecília to be a teacher at the school.

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