Novel ‘Cara e Coragem’: summary of the chapters for the week of November 21st to 26th

NEXT CHAPTERS OF THE NOVELA ‘CARA E CORAGEM’ – summary of the week from November 21 to 26, 2022

Chapter 151 – Monday, 11/21

Regina (Mel Lisboa) is distressed at the chance that Clarice (Tais Araújo) will hand over Leonardo (Ícaro Silva). Duarte (Kiko Mascarenhas) turns to Lou (Vitória Bohn) for help. Pat (Paolla Oliveira) and Moa (Marcelo Serrado) talk to each other because of his relationship with Andréa (Maria Eduarda de Carvalho).

Duarte tells Jéssica (Jeniffer Nascimento) that he will take off his mask at the party. Lou tells the guests that Bob wants to reveal something. Everyone is surprised by Duarte’s attitude. Andréa is furious for Pat because the stuntwoman didn’t say anything about Bob and decides not to help Moa anymore.

Rico (André Luiz Frambach) for not having told what he learned about Bob makes Gustavo (Marcelo Valle) sad. Jessica, Olivia (Paula Braun) and Lou remain at the mansion after the party is over to help Duarte. Bob makes Andréa look bad. On the street, Hugo (Rafael Teophilo) escapes from a journalist.

Pat is sad about forgetful Moa. Duarte apologizes to Gustavo. Before testifying, Rebeca (Mariana Santos) remembers Moa and Danilo (Ricardo Pereira). Danilo tells Duarte that he took steps not to be linked to Bob. Leonardo tells his sister that he will leave the presidency of the company.

Chapter 152 – Tuesday, 11/22

Her brother’s decision makes Clarice react and she becomes afraid of the possibility that he has committed other crimes. Duarte faces Danilo. When testifying, Rebeca lacks the truth. Clarice, Luana (Gabriela Loran) admits to being afraid of being in danger. Adélia (Ivone Hoffmann) tells Moa that he is Pat’s boyfriend.

To Dalva (Carol Portes), Anita (Tais Araújo) claims to have moved away from Ítalo (Paulo Lessa). Marcinha (Alana Ferri) sets up a strategy for Enzo (Pablo Sanábio) to find Hugo. Dagmar (Guida Vianna) tries to leave her house on the run. Regina learns that Leonardo is leaving the presidency. Danilo, using the fact that he is a shareholder, claims that he will try to preside over the company to oppose Clarice.

Moa remembers situations with Pat and asks him questions about the two before his accident. Danilo and Clarice are tied, and Leonardo is chosen to cast the casting vote.

Chapter 153 – Wednesday, 11/23

Leonardo pretends not to be well to escape making a decision. Moa doesn’t remember dating Pat when the stunt double confirms their relationship. Rebeca says she needs to talk to Danilo. Regina does everything to get Leonardo to vote for Danilo.

Danilo reacts badly to Leonardo’s decision when he chooses Clarice to preside over the company. Rebeca leaves Fernanda (Bruna Spínola) worried. To Rico, Ítalo explains that he didn’t hand over Duarte because he’s after something that associates Bob with Danilo. Andréa disapproves of Hugo’s attitude, who wants to take Enzo out of his life at any cost.

Clarice makes a deal with Ítalo’s security company. Anita decides to go after Ítalo. Rico tells Lou to try to get along with his father. Rebeca tells Danilo not to get close to her. Moa receives from Pat the suitcases with her clothes that were left at her house. Clarice is at Ítalo’s house and is caught by the doppelganger.

Chapter 154 – Thursday, 11/24

Clarice seeks explanations from Anita. Pat breaks up with Moa. Danilo feels bad about Rebeca’s absence. Regina reproaches Leonardo for giving up the presidency of the steel company. Bob Wright is the subject of Andréa and Clarice’s conversation. To Dalva and Jessica, Anita admits that she feels bad because of Ítalo.

To Jarbas (Sergio Kauffmann), Ítalo admits that he does not fully understand what he feels about Clarice and her doppelganger. Fernanda blames Moa for the accident. Moa learns that Célia (Stella Freitas) is the company’s president’s maid. Gustavo feels bad because of Bob and Teca (Raquel Rocha) gets upset.

Clarice resumes the position of president of the company. Ítalo makes Anita have a fight with Clarice. Leonardo says he no longer feels guilty about Clarice’s death and is proud of it, Dagmar listens.

Pat comforts her sister and vice versa. Duarte is told by Teca that she handed him over to the police. Danilo turns to Regina for an alliance. Moa recalls Pat and Lou dancing at the gym. Rebeca tells Pat that Moa spent the night at her house with their son.

Chapter 155 – Friday, 11/25

Irritated with Rebeca, Pat throws her out of the house. Regina asks Danilo why he is obsessed with the company. Danilo turns to Regina for her to tell him everything that happens at the company. Lou and Joca talk seriously.

To Pat, Moa says that she started to remember the situation of two of them. Renan (Bruno Fagundes) and Jessica reconcile. Lou compliments her sister on the way she dances. Olivia asks Enzo questions about Enzo’s presence at the show. Andréa supports Hugo in honoring Enzo at the dance company’s show.

Regina agrees to form an alliance with Danilo after he insists. Leonardo’s situation makes Lia (Dja Marthins) anxious. At the company, Regina faces Clarice. Soraia Reis, a journalist, learns that Enzo is opening a show at the dance school and decides to cover the show.

Jessica doesn’t notice that Renan is being abused by agreeing to his demands. Alfredo (Carmo Dalla Vecchia) asks Olivia to move in with her. Hugo is embarrassed by an indiscreet question asked by Soraia. Regina appears at home, sees a party organized by Leonardo and gets angry.

Chapter 156 – Saturday, 11/26

Leonardo receives a threat from Regina when she stops his party. To protect Hugo, Andréa faces Soraia. Pat performs at the dance company and makes Moa drool. Hugo decides to leave the show when it’s time for Enzo’s presentation because of Soraia.

Duarte looks for ways to apologize after being found by Andréa. She tells Hugo that he let Enzo down by leaving the show. Italo gives Clarice a ring with a tracker attached. Danilo makes Regina suspicious when he goes through the company book in which she has a photo of his family.

Excited, Olivia reveals to Lou that she will move to Alfredo’s house. Armandinho (Rodrigo Fagundes) tells Rico that Moa has fallen in love with Pat all over again. Danilo orders Celia to help him win Rebeca back.

Italo says to Pat, Moa and Rico that he will send Clarice to see the intelligence room for the first time. Rebeca, dressed as if she were Fernanda, is seen by Danilo and he is amazed. Clarice is faced with the structure designed in the stunt company’s intelligence room and her jaw drops.

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