Novel ‘Beyond Illusion’: summary of the next chapters – week of August 1st to 6th


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Chapter 151 – Monday, 8/1

Úrsula (Barbara Paz) and Joaquim (Danilo Mesquita) act quickly to disappear Abel’s (Adriano Petermann) corpse. Olivia (Debora Ozório) feels bad because she can’t have children, and Fátima (Carla Cristina Cardoso) consoles her.

While being treated, Matias (Antonio Calloni) faces a hallucination. Manuela (Mariah da Penha) and Augusta (Olívia Araújo) do everything they can to get Violeta (Malu Galli) to forgive her sister. Without noticing that he lost a button on his shirt, Joaquim feels bad for having participated in Abel’s death.

Santa (Arlete Salles) teaches Constantino (Paulo Betti) to be a croupier at the casino. Emília (Gaby Amarantos), Cipriano (Claudio Gabriel) says there is no going back to their marriage. Abel’s corpse is found by a hunter.

Bento (Matheus Dias) assures his father that he will never stop loving Letícia (Larissa Nunes). Cipriano tells Giovanna (Roberta Gualda) that he loves her. Onofre (Guilherme Silva) is arrested as a suspect in the death of Abel when Salvador (Jorge Lucas) reveals the crime.

Chapter 152 – Tuesday, 8/2

Davi (Rafael Vitti) reveals to Isadora (Larissa Manoela) having caught Joaquim’s fight with Abel. In Rio, Joaquim is beside himself when he hears a report of Abel’s death on the radio. Salvador asks Onofre about Joaquim’s cufflink, found next to the corpse.

Lorenzo (Guilherme Prates) acts rudely with Bento, causing Letícia to fail. Violeta summons a lawyer to help Onofre. Enrico (Marcos Veras) concludes that Abel was killed by Joaquim. Isadora identifies the cufflink that Salvador shows her as Joaquim’s.

Salvador inspects Joaquim’s room and finds another cufflink. A few weeks later. Tenório (Jayme Matarazzo) is released, the war ends, and Bento and Olivia celebrate. Joaquim is arrested by Salvador upon returning from Rio.

Chapter 153 – Wednesday, 8/3

Úrsula fails to do everything to outwit Salvador, while Joaquim is distressed. Davi and Isadora make Violeta believe that Joaquim is dangerous. Joaquim tells the delegate that when they killed Abel he was in Rio.

Tenório’s mother puts him against the wall because of Olivia. Matias freaks out and Olivia helps him. The hotel manager accepts a bribe from Úrsula to lie to the police and help Joaquim. Onofre remains in prison by Salvador’s decision.

Iara (Luciana de Rezende) refuses to tell the police that Joaquim is lying. Heloísa begs her sister to forgive her. Iolanda (Duda Brack) proposes a deal to Joaquim: he gives her money, and she, the evidence that incriminates him.

Chapter 154 – Thursday, 8/4

Iolanda keeps the blackmail going even in the face of Joaquim’s fury. The judge rejects reviewing the investigation of Elisa’s (Larissa Manoela) murder and makes David sad. Eugênio (Marcello Novaes) tells Joaquim that Isadora accused him.

Olivia helps her father. David suspects Yolanda’s actions. Margô (Marisa Orth) catches Ursula in the hotel room. Isadora is threatened by Joaquim. Arminda’s parents (Caroline Dallarosa) accept their daughter to date Inácio (Ricky Tavares), when the boy shows himself to them.

To his mother, Lorenzo admits that he knows that the woman still has love for Bento. Tenório calls Bento to set up a newspaper. Emilia leaves jail. Joaquim keeps the papers that accuse him of delivering money to Iolanda.

Chapter 155 – Friday, 8/5

Upon learning that Iolanda is aware of who David really is, Joaquim is furious. Silvana (Thayla Luz) takes Bento by surprise. Cipriano kisses Giovanna, Emília sees her and she is comforted by her son. Úrsula and her son destroy the evidence that incriminates Joaquim, and the boy studies to deliver David at Isadora’s party.

Heloísa gives Emília a job again. Inácio and Arminda celebrate that they are together. Iolanda and Joaquim talk to each other, Iara listens and tells Davi to be careful. Santa kisses Geraldo (Marcello Escorel). David looks at Yolanda.

Chapter 156 – Saturday, 8/6

Davi exchanges Iolanda’s luggage, aided by Isadora. Silvana arouses jealousy in Leticia. To Isadora, David reveals that he will make a spectacular escape. Mariana (Carol Romano) begs Santa and Arminda to give her the radio show back.

Tenório gives Silvana a job at the newspaper. Giovanna and her son talk about Silvana and Bento, and Letícia listens. Eugênio does everything he can to get close to Violeta, but she disapproves of him being benevolent with Joaquim. In front of Violeta, Davi receives a voice of arrest to Salvador when Joaquim shows a card with a picture of the magician and the word “wanted”.

Yolanda is shocked to see that the money is gone. Davi uses a magic number to evade the sheriff.

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