Novel ‘Beyond Illusion’: summary of the chapters for the week of May 23 to 28

NOVEL “BEYOND ILLUSION” – summary of chapters for the week of May 23 to 28, 2022

Globe, 6:30 pm

CHAPTER 91 – Monday, 5/23

Deputy Salvador (Jorge Lucas) directs Isadora (Larissa Manoela) under the gaze of Davi (Rafael Vitti). Violeta (Malu Galli) is upset to find out her daughter has gone to jail. Nelsinho (Johnny Massaro) faces the deputy. Davi and Augusta (Olívia Araujo) head to the police station.

Joaquim (Danilo Mesquita) sits next to a police poster in which Davi appears as a fugitive. Violeta faces her daughter Isadora. Aguinaldo (actor undisclosed) is distressed by Tenório (Jayme Matarazzo). Aided by Augusta, Davi rips off the poster with his photo from the police station.

Isadora is surprised to learn that she will have to spend the night at the police station. Joaquim makes threats to the owner of the ice cream shop. Julinha (Alexandra Richter) decides that Tavito (Rafael Gualandi) and Mariana (Carol Romano) will work together. Nelsinho gives Isadora the hotel room where he is staying.

CHAPTER 92 – Tuesday, 5/24

Nelsinho plays charm for Isadora. Violeta turns to Rafael to find Isadora. Violeta doesn’t like the relationship between Eugênio (Marcello Novaes) and Úrsula (Bárbara Paz). Davi turns to Arminda (Caroline Dallarosa) to find Isadora.

Nelsinho pins Davi/Rafael. Isadora reveals her whereabouts to Arminda. Heloísa (Paloma Duarte) is fascinated when Leônidas (Eriberto Leão) exalts her. At the Seminary, Tenório doesn’t feel well.

David goes after Isadora. Eugênio decides to mortgage the house in order to invest in the fabric factory. David steals Isadora’s kiss.

CHAPTER 93 – Wednesday, 5/25

Davi/Rafael annoys Isadora. Olivia (Debora Ozório) asks to return to the fabric factory. Isadora argues with Arminda because her friend told Davi/Rafael. Joaquim is distressed to find out where Isadora has gone.

Mariana and Tavito kiss. Giovana (Roberta Gualda) catches Emília’s (Gaby Amarantos) attention. Heloísa does everything to talk to her niece. Matias (Antonio Calloni) leaves Leonidas distressed.

Joaquim fails when he tries to face Nelsinho. Davi says he can go into town to get the photos that will be used at the neighborhood party replacing Lorenzo.

Mariana threatens Arminda to join the New Year’s Eve celebration at the casino. Davi catches Nelsinho next to a bandit and is fearful for Isadora.

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