Novel ‘Beyond Illusion’: summaries of the last week, from August 15th to 20th

SUMMARY OF THE LAST CHAPTERS OF THE NOVEL “BEYOND ILLUSION” – last week, 15th to 20th of August 2022

Globe, 6:30 pm

Chapter 163 – Monday, 8/15

The result of the request to review Elisa’s (Larissa Manoela) death leaves Davi (Rafael Vitti) beside himself. Joaquim (Danilo Mesquita) hears the name of Abel (Adriano Petermann), reacts badly and leaves Isadora amazed. To get close to Rafael Antunes (Fabrício Belsoff), Iolanda (Duda Brack) lacks the truth.

Lorenzo (Guilherme Prates) notices Letícia (Larissa Nunes) uncomfortable when she catches Bento’s (Matheus Dias) hugging Silvana (Thayla Luz). Olivia (Debora Ozório) and Tenório (Jayme Matarazzo) get married.

Three months later. Heloísa (Paloma Duarte) goes to the hospital when labor begins. Úrsula (Bárbara Paz) is beside herself when Mercedes (actress undisclosed) claims that she will not give him her child. At the hospital, Úrsula is seen by Matias during the ex-judge’s outbreak. Heloísa is unable to have a child when facing an unforeseen event after childbirth. Heloísa’s child is kidnapped by Úrsula.

Chapter 164 – Tuesday, 8/16

To the delegate Salvador (Jorge Lucas), Leonidas (Eriberto Leão) reports that his son was kidnapped. Ambrósio (actor undisclosed) does not agree that Heloísa’s son is Ursula’s. To Leonidas, Matias reveals that he caught Úrsula in the hospital.

Tenório decides to send Bento and Silvana to Rio. To her mother-in-law, Letícia admits that she loves Bento. Úrsula gets rid of her false belly and is seen by Matias. Mariana (Carol Romano) calls Manuela (Mariah da Penha) to set up a bakery.

Arminda (Caroline Dallarosa) tells Isadora that she got news about expert Diniz (Fabiano Persi). Matias delivers Heloísa’s child to the mother after forcibly entering Úrsula’s room.

Chapter 165 – Wednesday, 8/17

Heloísa has no alternative but to give the child to Úrsula and Eugênio when the two head to the farm. Isadora begs Diniz to help David. Margô (Marisa Orth) decides to reveal to Eugênio and Joaquim what she knows about Úrsula when she learns that the viper kidnapped Heloísa’s baby.

Santa (Arlete Salles) demands that Constantino (Paulo Betti) and Julinha (Alexandra Richter) apologize to Inácio (Ricky Tavares) and Geraldo (Marcelo Escorel). Margô tells how Joaquim was kidnapped by Úrsula, who also lied to Eugênio’s father.

Letícia tells Bento that she loves him. Joaquim faces his mother and takes the child, giving him to Heloísa. Artur (Patrick Sampaio) appears with news about the process involving Davi.

Chapter 166 – Thursday, 8/18

Chapter 167 – Friday, 8/19


Saturday, 8/20


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