Novel ‘Beyond Illusion’: Isadora is the victim of Nelsinho’s terrible plan, anticipates the actor. Know which one!

Nelsinho (Johnny Massaro) will show no scruples in the soap opera “Além da Illusion”. After provoking the arrest of his girlfriend, Isadora (Larissa Manoela), the rebel will not accept seeing the fashionista deny sex several times and decide something radical with the daughter of Matias (Antonio Calloni).

Nelsinho even dopes Isadora to try to have sex with the girl of the six o’clock soap opera, Johnny said in an interview with the podcast “Papo de Novela”, from “GShow”. “He will put her on a sleeping pill and take her to a hotel room to try to rape her,” he said.

Nelsinho’s arrival is scheduled for this Saturday’s chapter (14) and the biker immediately conquers Isadora, who even kisses him in front of Davi (Rafael Vitti) and Joaquim (Danilo Mesquita), her ex-boyfriends, leaving the magician so without ground that he ends up, drunk, having sex with Iolanda (Duda Brack).

“Towards the end of the plot, in the face of Isadora’s denials, Nelsinho will simply decide to dope her. He will put a sleeping pill and take her to a hotel room to try to rape her. It’s something very heavy that, unfortunately, happens” , explained Johnny.

+ Isadora comes up with a new look and costume in a rebellious phase: long pants instead of a dress

Novel ‘Beyond Illusion’: ‘Nelsinho is a psychopath’, defined the actor.

The actor also said that he had a certain discomfort when recording the almost abuse scene. “Recently, we recorded this sequence and it was very strange to have Larissa there, beautiful, wonderful, playing drugged”, said the interpreter of Nelsinho, without sparing criticism of the character.

“And Nelsinho investing in this inert body. (…) He’s a psychopath, right? A person who does that can’t give another name”, added the actor, who, because he didn’t have a motorcycle driver’s license, had to resort to a stunt double for some scenes from the period soap opera by Alessandra Poggi.

Johnny also highlighted the first partnership with Larissa. “I was told how cool she was, everyone said to me: “Larissa is wonderful, you’re going to get along great”. And I proved it on the first day, it was a kissing scene. And it was great!”, he highlighted.

“We started talking and discovered that we have the same astrological construction: sun in Capricorn and rising in Pisces, and we were freaking out about it”, concluded the actor.

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