Nova Criminal Minds explains what happened to Spencer Reid

The Criminal Minds reboot does not feature Matthew Gray Gubler as Spencer Reid and has already explained what happened to the character.

In the Criminal Minds reboot, BAU boss Emily Prentiss works with a new boss, Deputy Director Bailey, who is intentionally undermining the team for his personal gain.

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Bailey may have thought that removing Reid would lessen the team’s chances of solving their biggest case to date. This would prove your point against them and make it easier to convince the bosses to take down the BAU.

Actor Matthew Gray Gubler, who played Dr. Spencer Reid on Criminal Minds has not commented on being absent from the new series, but Paget Brewster has confirmed why.

Why the actor didn’t return to the new Criminal Minds

Apparently, Reid isn’t on the new Criminal Minds because Gubler wants to venture into his career. She cites that playing the BAU’s boy genius was Gubler’s first job out of college, and for 15 years, he appeared regularly on the series.

While having job security for over a decade has been a blessing, there are some downsides, including being unable to star in other projects and trying to direct.

After the CBS show ended, Gubler wanted to do that, so he decided against reprising the role in Criminal Minds: Evolution.

Showrunner Erica Messer confirmed, however, that technically, Spencer Reid is still with the BAU – it turns out he’s out because of Reilly.

This leaves the door open for Matthew Gray Gubler’s Reid to return to Criminal Minds: Evolution in the future.

In Brazil, Criminal Minds is available on Star+.

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