Notes: Niko Griesert and Michèle de Roos together again?

Wasn’t this separation so final after all? Niko Griesert (32) and Michèle de Roos became a couple after completing their bachelor’s degree in 2021. For a while, the entrepreneur and the real estate specialist seemed overjoyed and moved in together – last August the shock followed: the influencer moved out, the bachelor couple split up. But the beauty never completely disappeared from his life. In fact, there are now several indications that Niko and Michele try again…

If you look at that tik tokchannel of the ex-bachelor, it is noticeable: the cute brunette can be seen here all the time! One clip shows the two intimately together on the couch while Niko Michele raises. In another series of videos, the 32-year-old can be seen picking up his ex-girlfriend from the party at 4 a.m. But would you really do that for your exes – or are they a couple again?

For many fans it is already clear: Niko and Michele gave themselves another chance! The numerous comments under his videos speak for this: “Oh my God, you’re back together!” Cheered a user. “They are clearly back together,” emphasized another. So far, however, the two have not commented on it. What do you think? Vote in our poll!

Niko Griesert and Michèle de Roos, reality TV stars

Krick, Jens / ActionPress

Ex-Bachelor Niko Griesert with his girlfriend Michèle de Roos
Niko Griesert and Michèle de Roos in July 2021 in Berlin

What do you think: are Niko and Michèle back together?

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