"Not the physical stature of a president" : Jean-Marie Le Pen attacks Eric Zemmour on his appearance!

Yet he was one of his most precious supporters … After a serious political fault in front of the Bataclan, on November 13, Eric Zemmour was let go by Jean-Marie Le Pen, who nevertheless preferred him to his own daughter, Marine . The founder of the Front National estimated in the columns of the Telegram, that despite “courageous statements (which) have earned him this astonishing rise “, Eric Zemmour ended up “burn your cards without realizing it”.

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“Eric Zemmour does not have the physical stature of a president”

In question, polemical and political statements in front of a sanctuary for the families of victims of the attacks in Paris. For Jean-Marie Le Pen, the disenchantment continued this November 18, on BFMTV. The Menhir estimated during his interview: “Eric Zemmour does not have the physical stature of a president. It is not eliminatory but it is a handicap. In his behavior of pre-candidate, he is not up to the presidential function”.

A condition which now makes him prefer Marine Le Pen. A few days ago, he confided about her “Marine, she still has a certain job. She has suffered cruel setbacks and she is able to face them better “. He also congratulates her on television this Thursday: “Marine has well received the presence of a dynamic candidate. She has limited the number of supporters who could declare themselves for Zemmour”.

Down in the polls

Meanwhile, the ex star of CNews, who travels across France to promote his latest book, France has not said its last word, continues not to declare himself a presidential candidate. On the rise in the polls for months, it is now declining sharply. OpinionWay’s PresiTrack for Les Echos, CNews and Classic Radio gives it 12% behind Xavier Bertrand (13%), Marine Le Pen (19%), and Emmanuel Macron (24%).

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