Not the chest, Andrea operates her trailer, she is already Brazilian (Photo)

Andrea made a Brazilian ass. Kubrat Pulev’s ex sculpts her buttocks even more juicy and appetizing. And on top of that tight.

Andrea has long dreamed of having a gorgeous and very sexy ass. After finding the right doctor, the singer without worries puts implants in her buttocks. The operation costs about 5,000 euros. For this amount, Andrea has gluteal implants, which is a type of silicone. The intervention itself lasted about an hour.

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The singer appeared from the hospital room

The singer underwent an intervention in a Turkish clinic. The doctor operated on a number of native buzzers, including Monika Valerieva. It was the playmate who connected Andrea with the plastic surgeon. The singer’s best friend has already tuned in with the top surgeon. Andrea has been in our southern neighbor for several days. In addition to a Brazilian ass, he also fixes his bust. The hit singer has serious problems with her silicone implants. Although she had her tits fixed recently, Cobra’s ex was not happy with the way her breasts fit. And he is undergoing surgery again, he wrote Bulgaria Today.

“They pop out a lot! I was not happy with the previous surgery on my bust,” commented Andrea on another breast operation. She will stay in Turkey until the end of the week. Its recovery will take about 3-4 days.

The Cobra’s ex feels even sexier after another intervention. “I’m fine now! After the operations I feel in my own skin again,” said the singer.

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