"Not spokeswoman for the family": Boris Becker trims his ex Lilly

“Not spokeswoman for the family”
Boris Becker trims his ex Lilly

Lilly Becker recently commented publicly on the conviction of her ex-husband Boris Becker. And despite her words of support, the ex-tennis star apparently doesn’t go down well. Now he has his lawyer say that the 45-year-old is “not a spokesperson for the family”.

Lilly Becker commented on the imprisonment of her husband Boris Becker at the end of April in a personal statement and one Interview with British TV presenter Piers Morgan on his show Piers Morgan Uncensored.

Among other things, she gave the impression that Becker’s large patchwork family sticks together. “We all pulled together – the ex-wife, the kids, his now girlfriend Lilian – the first thing we did was shake hands,” she said on the Morgan show. “We are all behind Boris,” it said in her RTL statement.

What actually sounds positive now has a stale aftertaste. Because the media lawyer of the former tennis star, Christian-Oliver Moser, spoke up in the magazine “Gala”. “Lilly Becker gives the impression that she is the spokeswoman for the family. But she is not,” explains the lawyer. And he puts Lilly Becker’s statements in a different context: “The person who has been in complex divorce proceedings with my client for years and who, until recently, had no serious contact with the Becker family. A little restraint would be appropriate here.”

New girlfriend “doesn’t need Lilly Becker”

In particular, it is apparently about the statements regarding the fraternization of the Becker women. Because lawyer Moser also makes it clear: “My client’s new girlfriend is old enough to speak for herself when it’s appropriate. She doesn’t need Lilly Becker for that.”

Lilly and Boris Becker married in 2009, and their son Amadeus was born the following year. The two have been separated since May 2018. The tennis legend is now in a relationship with political risk analyst Lilian de Carvalho Monteiro. From 1993 to 2001 Becker was also married to Barbara Becker. From this marriage came the sons Noah, 28 years old, and Elias, 22 years old.

Boris Becker has been serving his sentence in Wandsworth, England’s second largest prison, since April 29. Judge Deborah Taylor had sentenced the six-time Grand Slam champion to 30 months in prison for delaying bankruptcy that day, of which he must serve at least half. He had previously been found guilty on four out of 24 counts by a grand jury in his adopted country. Becker and his team can still appeal the guilty verdict and the sentence.

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