Not shown on TV: Menderes collapsed on Celebrity BB

Celebrity Big Brother fans haven’t seen this on TV! The start of this year’s season of the reality TV format began yesterday evening: in addition to the actress Katy Karrenbauer (59), the perfume influencer Jeremy Fragrance (33) and Prince Charming star Sam Dylan (31), the DSDS cult candidate Menderes also moved (38) into the container. However, his first live challenge in the studio ended with a serious incident: menderes broke down behind the scenes!

As picture now reported came menderes suddenly reeling after the game and away from the cameras: “I was able to watch the scenes from the stands in the studio. It seemed that his circulation had slowed down a bit. I was worried.”, the singer’s manager told the newspaper. Shortly thereafter, however, the TV star had recovered. His manager also seems to be the reason for menderes‘ Feeling faint to know: “After a week of quarantine in the hotel without any sporting activity, the game at the late time was perhaps a little too much for him. I was happy that the staff reacted so quickly and well.”

The big brother fooled the supposed loser of the first live game, Rainer Gottwaldthen suggested that he must be the first to leave the show – however, the 56-year-old was allowed to move into the luxurious loft. “Insanity”the box manager rejoiced.

“Celebrity Big Brother” from Friday, November 19, 2022, live every day and “Celebrity Big Brother – The Late Night Show” immediately afterwards live on Sat.1 and on Joyn

The “Celebrity Big Brother” candidates in the game “Snail Race”

Instagram / menderesbagci

Menderes in March 2019
Rainer Gottwald, “Celebrity Big Brother” candidate 2022

Did you see that Menderes was bad?

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