"Not pregnant": Mandy Capristo is proud of her body

She stands up for her body. Mandy Capristo (32) has been in the spotlight for almost two decades now. She is best known for the band Monrose, which won the Popstars talent show in 2006. Since then she has built up a wide reach on social media and also works as a model on the side. Apparently, the singer gets a lot of comments about her body. But that doesn’t matter Mandy now no longer please.

“I have something to tell you: I’m not pregnant! Christmas was just really, really good to me”said the amused beauty in one go Video on their Instagram-Channel. She wanted to make that clear before the press wrote anything else. “I was really unsure whether I should really wear this dress. And then I thought: ‘No! I’m going to do it now more than ever,'” she admitted to herself, rubbing her stomach. She’s tired of dieting and thinks she wasn’t made to have a flat stomach.

your band Monrose together with the girls Senna Gammour (43) and Bahar Kizil (34) was after the No Angels the most successful that emerged from the talent show. Despite rumors of a fight between the band members, all three women thought back to the founding day in November.

Instagram / mandycapristo

Mandy Capristo in January 2023
Mandy Capristo, singer

Instagram / mandycapristo

Mandy Capristo in December 2019

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