Not only The Sandman: all Netflix series premieres in August 2022

the streaming service Netflix begins to go through its last days of July in the midst of a new corporate crisis. According to the latest report, it has been confirmed that they lost 970,000 subscribers worldwide, added to the 200,000 that had been reported in April, so that in the year an issue that is directly linked to the battle between the platforms and what each has to offer.

stranger things was the big streaming title last month, but they have more exclusive releases ahead that also have some popularity, as is the case with I never Y Locke & Key, each with its final seasons. On the other hand, the big premiere in the coming weeks is The Sandmanthe adaptation of the legendary comic by Neil Gaiman. Check out all the series coming to Netflix in August 2022 below!

+All Netflix series premieres in August 2022

Minamdang Coffee

Release date: August 1
A suspicious business offering the services of a shaman who claims to be omniscient draws the attention of a tenacious police inspector.

There is no wedding without chaos

Release date: August 1
A marriage proposal is supposed to be a happy ending. For a couple, it becomes the start of a fight over wedding preparations.

Good Morning, Veronica: Season 2

Premiere date: August 3rd
Left for dead, Verônica seeks to unravel the mysteries of the religious cult that fuels mistreatment and corruption within the government.

Tamara Falcó: The Marchioness

Release date: August 4th
This reality show shows the life of Tamara Falcó, a woman from high society who seeks a balance between work, family… and fun.

The Sandman

Release date: August 5
After years of confinement, Sueño, the king of sleep, embarks on a journey to another world to find what was stolen from him and recover his powers.

Locke & Key: Season 3

Release date: August 10
In the final chapter of the series, the Locke family discovers more magic as they face a demonic rival who wants the keys at all costs.

instant makeover

Release date: August 10
A team of renovators take big risks and meticulous plans to transform single family homes inside and out in just twelve hours.

Never Have I Ever: Season 3

Release date: August 12
Devi and her friends have finally stopped being single. But they’re about to learn that relationships involve a lot of self-discovery…and drama.

an exemplary family

Release date: August 12
After unknowingly stealing money from a cartel, a penniless professor finds no other way to save his family than to work as a smuggler.

where there was fire

Release date: 17 of August
Clues to his brother’s murder lead Poncho to a firehouse, where he finds romance, family…and danger.


Release date: August 19
Ever since they were little girls, a pair of twins secretly exchanged lives. But their world falls apart when one of them disappears.


Release date: August 19
After losing her memory in an accident that killed almost all her classmates, Alma tries to discover what happened that day… and recover her identity.

Glow Up: Season 4

Release date: August 19
Ten new entrants test the limits of their creativity and overcome challenges of all kinds to reach the top of the world of makeup.

Ollie is lost

Release date: August 24
Inspired by the book “Ollie’s Odyssey”, this family series follows the adventures faced by a toy and its owner to meet again.

Queer Eye: Brazil

Release date: August 24
This inspiring series of makeovers shakes up Brazil with a new quintet of experts, daring transformational journeys and a sea of ​​emotions!


Release date: August 24
In Texas, Mo navigates between two cultures, three languages ​​and a pending asylum application while trying to support his Palestinian family.

Selling The OC

Release date: August 24
The Oppenheim Group expands to Orange County, where a new team with big egos shows off waterfront properties and stirs up the waters.

Maloof Workshop

Release date: 26 of August
The Maloof family, loving car engines, use their passion and skills to build them and perform feats behind the wheel.

race to success

Release date: coming soon
Ingrid Yun struggles to become a partner in a prestigious New York law firm without leaving behind romance, friendship, family… or her principles.

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