Not only problems in Charleroi: La Louvière fans show their ugliest side and storm the field against Francs Borains

© Stefan Smith

After the match was definitively stopped by supporters in Charleroi, the same thing happened a few kilometers away in Francs Borains. Fans of La Louvière showed their ugliest side and stormed the field of the home team. They then attacked the home supporters. Just like on Mambourg, the referee was forced to stop the match definitively.

Jens Jacobs, Stefan Smet

It is also rumbling at La Louvière. The team played in the first division years ago, but has now ended up in the Eerste Nationale. The game against Francs Borains was scheduled there today.

With ten minutes left on the clock, that match seemed to be heading for a 3-1 defeat for La Louvière. Enough reason for the away fans to misbehave. Some stormed onto the field and tried to attack the home fans. The referee had no choice but to stop the game.

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