"Not Jul, not Gims, not Ninho … that’s no name shit", Cyril Hanouna asks viewers to boycott Les Victoires de la musique

A rather special and boring ceremony. Here is how the majority of people who don’t really have hooks with Les Victoires de la musique sums up. It is true that fans of the NRJ Music Awards will not find their way there if they are used to seeing the performances of Justin Bieber, Jul, or even Keen’V. And the reason is simple. Since its existence, which dates back to 1985, this ceremony has aimed to award musical awards to artists from the world of variety music, classical music, jazz and comedy. A very distant style therefore, singers who usually perform at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes every year. It was only very recently that some rappers, such as Orelsan, were rewarded and offered services on the stage of the place of the ceremony broadcast on France 2.

It is therefore “normal” not to see certain artists named or present to sing during the evening. But that does not seem at all to the liking of Cyril Hanouna. Indeed, the presenter of TPMP wanted to push a slight rant against the Victoires de la musique in his show on Tuesday, January 11. The host even advising his fans to boycott the ceremony. What may not please the CSA … Since Baba asks for the boycott of a program of a competing channel. “Not Jul, not Gims, not Ninho… that’s nameless crap.” Must boycott “, he lamented. On Twitter, his fanzouzes seemed to agree with the many reactions to a poll published on the account of the C8 program.

“It’s always the same artists named. There are only 3 or 4 almost … which do not demerit of course. But many others deserve to be named too. It is abused anyway “, regretted one Internet user while another explained that he watched the ceremony only for “the music and not for the trophies.” Others were ironic: “Boycott what? The victories of what? The ceremony is even more boring than the Caesars “,” the victories of the third age … I’m sorry but it is not artists “all public” who are in “.


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