Not everything according to plan: Lulu Lewe reveals wedding details

Not everything went perfectly, but it was probably the best day of her life! On July 22, Sophia-Luisa “Lulu” Lewe (30) married her partner Basti Scheibe. Photos of it were shared by the singer’s family and friends online. Of course, Lulu’s famous sister Sarah Connor (42) was also among the guests. Now Lulu finally got in touch about her wedding and revealed: Things didn’t go according to plan!

“It doesn’t matter whether a few days before a stain appeared on the dress that couldn’t be removed, the tithe nail broke off shortly before departure to the location, or our wedding planner told us that she couldn’t come because of Corona.”Lulu started on Instagram from the events surrounding the wedding to tell. In the end, however, everything fell into place. It was so perfect for the couple. “We are overjoyed,” was the conclusion of the 30-year-old.

Officially, the two married on December 23, 2019. However, due to the global health situation, the big wedding had to be postponed again and again. At that time, their marriage took place without witnesses and also without rings. “Finally we have them now”Lulu gloated over the bling on her finger.

Instagram / valentinewe

Basti Scheibe and Sophia-Luisa Lewe, July 2022
Sophia-Luisa Lewe with her sister Sarah Connor and other guests at her wedding
Basti Scheibe and Lulu Lewe in September 2018

Did you think things would go wrong at Lulu’s wedding?

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