Nose hair extensions are coming: the new fashion from Japan makes people talk

The hairs in the nose, which have always been enemies of aesthetics, are now details of beauty. At least in Japanwhere it was invented the fashion of the extension for the hair of the nostrils. The beauty world in the West has a real obsession with unwanted hair. Artist-proof designed eyelashes and eyebrows, legs and arms as smooth as silk. And the armpits? They have been subject to various trends over the decades. From those of Manuela Arcuri in the film by Carlo Verdone “Honeymoons“, One shaved and the other with braid, to those of the influencer Giorgia Soleri, wild by choice. And what about the very thick eyebrows that raged in the 1980s? Primitives. Almost united on the forehead. Brooke Shields style in “Blue Lagoon”. Did you think you have seen everything on the subject of fur and counter-hair? But no. The new trend is therenose hair extensions: latest fashion, already viral on Instragram.

It was launched by a Japanese girl expert in make-up. She goes by the name of @gret_chen_chen and posted the picture of herself with a flowery nose of black wisps. She titled it all with a simple: “Nose hair extension, #nosehair, #lashes, #extensions, #beauty, #selfie, #eyelashextensions, #falselash “. In reality, the girl doesn’t seem to buy much in beauty with that black spider sticking out of her nose, but tastes are personal. She really likes to be seen like that. And not just her, judging by how many have shared the post and how many followers have shown appreciation. Technically, however, those hairs that emerge as a flower are not real extensions: they are false eyelashes placed around the edge of each nostril and widened to create the effect of petals.

Something artistic. Which not all comments capture. Among hundreds of points of view, the most common are those of those who, perplexed, call her a psychopath. “You’re crazy – writes a follower – you look like a disgusting chicken plucking machine“, Or:” The grotesque has limits, please “. And again: “Oh my God, we all thought that weird eyebrows were already disgusting enough.” And there are also those who make fun of: “They just have to work well with snot on the nose“. But there are also followers of the stylist. Among them also a Canadian model, who takes up her look and adapts it to her liking by putting false eyelashes on her lower lip as well. “Fantastic”, with applause, someone says. But someone can’t make it out of disgust and blurts out: “You’re an idiot.”

In short, the idea came to the Japanese girl much followed on social networks with the title #nosehair began to become popular on Instagram. For better or for worse. Even just for a fun selfie, if you don’t have the courage to walk around like that. To avoid that those around us worry about an insect coming out of our nose.

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