Norwegian cult band mourns: Ex-Turbonegro singer dies at the age of 49

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Norwegian cult band mourns
Ex-Turbonegro singer dies at the age of 49

Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby has been the front man of the Norwegian band Turbonegro for 17 years. Because of his severe drug addiction, he leaves the group and later starts a solo career. Now Husby has died at the age of only 49.

The former singer of the Norwegian punk and roll band Turbonegro, Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby, is dead. The musician, also known as Hank Von Helvete or Hank von Hell, died at the age of 49, his manager Boye Nythun said Norwegian broadcaster NRK on behalf of Husby’s family. The death was also announced on Husby’s personal Instagram page: “We kindly ask for your respect for family and close friends at this moment of tragedy.”

The band mourned their former front man. “We are grateful for the times, the moments and the magic that we were allowed to share with Hans-Erik for Turbonegro between 1993 and 2009,” said an Instagram entry from last night. Husby was central to the group. Hank Von Helvete remains an icon of Norwegian rock and pop culture. “We are proud of what we have created together as rock brothers with Turbonegro – the music, the characters, our whole universe.”

Turbonegro was founded in 1989. The band is best known for their flashy outfits and their pretended homosexuality. In 1998 the band split up for a while. The reason was the heroin addiction Husbies. In 2010 he left Turbonegro for good and pursued a solo career after withdrawal. Tony Sylvester has been the singer since 2011.

The band is also famous for its fans: the turbo youth. There are said to be more than 2000 fan clubs worldwide. The turbo youth appear like a rocker gang in embroidered denim robes. Sailor caps, hats and make-up, however, indicate the fun factor.

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