North East tasted Malwa potatoes and onions 32 Kisan Rail left from Indore

Naveen Yadav Indore. After the lockdown, Kisan Rail has given a new direction to the rail traffic coming on the track. Using the vacant rakes as a goods train during the Corona period, the Railways operated them as Kisan Rail. In which the Railways has sent things like potatoes, onions, lassans to the farmers of Indore and surrounding areas to the North East. This has also earned the Railways a revenue of crores of rupees. However, there is still a demand for more Kisan trains from Indore.

The demand for potatoes and onions of Malwa lives all over the country. During the lockdown, when trains were operating in less number, the Railways decided to run its vacant rakes as Kisan Rail. In which the Ministry of Agriculture also gave subsidy to the farmers. Divisional Railway spokesperson Khemraj Meena said that in November last year, the first Kisan train had left from Indore. This was the first Kisan Rail of Western Railway, which went to New Guwahati carrying 180 tonnes of onions. Since then 32 trains have left. Due to which revenue of about 7.53 crores has been received.

Special team deals with farmers

According to the information, the Railways has engaged a special team to deal with the farmers in this regard. In which senior DCM Sunil Meena along with Amit Sahni, Satish Verma, Gaurav Gupta, Sneha Danotkar and Jagdish Meena are included. These officers make complete preparations for the farmer rail. The best part is that 50 percent subsidy is given by the Ministry of Agriculture on hand. Due to which the farmers get the benefit of half the rent.

6 farmers required to book train

Railway sources said that it is necessary to have a group of 6 farmers to hire Kisan Rail. The application for sending their goods is forwarded from the parcel office. Which after the divisional headquarters goes to the zone headquarters and then to the railway board. From there the train permits come. Not only this, farmers can also get the goods loaded from the station on the way.

Now the racks started falling down

A senior railway official, requesting anonymity, said that however, the Kisan train is still operating. But many farmers are still in touch with railway officials. Even now, more than 1 dozen farmers can go by train from Indore. The farmers here are making a lot of efforts to send their goods to other states.

Train from Indore went to these cities

Jorhat Town, New Guwahati, Agartala Byahata,Malda

2.94 crore revenue in January alone

According to the information, only one train went in November. Due to which the railway got a fare of about 9 lakhs. But in January 11 trains had left. Due to which the Railways got revenue of 2.94 crores. After February, the operation of Kisan Rail was resumed from June. which continues till now.

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