Norbert Tarayre (Top Chef) victim of a pneumothorax: his incredible reaction to his family thinking he was going to die

The electric cell has drained the batteries. Indeed, Norbert Tarayre is known for the fact that he never sits still, who always has a smile and who cooks excellent dishes. But a few months ago, the former candidate of Top chef had a hard time and was afraid of not being part of this world anymore. Victim of a pneumothorax last May, the chief saw his life parade and even granted his last wishes to his wife and children.
He also returned to this event in the columns of TV-Leisure to be released on newsstands on January 17. “I had a pneumothorax. The tongue of the lung ran off, 6 centimeters came off. It’s as if you felt something move in your body. I thought it was cardiac arrest”, he informs before evoking the tragic moment: “I played it the American way, saying goodbye to my children. I gave the codes for the credit cards and the passwords to my partner Abi. She started crying because she didn’t care about my money”. In the end, and very fortunately, Norbert got away with it. But the doctors had to take care of him for several weeks so that he could come out unscathed.
“I was told that they were going to make a hole in my ribs. I told the doctor that if they touched my body, I would kill it. So they did not make a hole in my ribs. I stayed slammed for three weeks and the lung was glued together”, he continued before assuring that, now, everything seemed to be going well: “It’s not moving anymore. I’m a buffalo”. But this complicated period still forced him to “calm down” in everyday life and review his plans. “I couldn’t continue with television, theatre, children, restaurants and consulting contracts. It hurt my heart, because I love theatre, but I had to stop”, he regrets before concluding: “I’m already going to devote myself to my children, my family and my little projects, selfishly. I’m lucky, I have a companion who follows me. But we’re going to be careful, this time, not to be too absent”.

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